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Better pain relief today think I figured out the combo

By George I think I got it! Yesterday after sick of this constant headache going on since mid July I decided to try a combo of meds. I took 1 Norco and 2 Advil liquid gels... pain level 1! I have not had that level since being in the hospital on 2 Norco's and IV dilaudid. I slept until 11:30 today. My husband trying to slow me down! I'm like kids get your laundry, made goulash, wash dishes. Now if I can figure out what is making sweat so bad... All I did was start laundry and made lunch/dinner and my head is soaked, sweat dripping down like some waterfall. Gross!

Excited I am going to Church tonight! Have not been in 2 months.

Have a great day friends!


aHa its the prednisone that causes the increase sweating... Plavix and Lopressor cause headaches... psh!


So happy to hear that you are having a good day and that you are going to church tonight! :)

Take Care and God Bless,

~ Carol


Glad you found out what is causing sweating issues...I have had this a lot is gross...and I can't figure it seems that when my Bp is head sweats water...~ glad you are taking it easy...

Happy Sunday ~ Colleen

How exciting you had a great day!! I know what you mean about rushing around getting things taken care of when you have nominal pain and plenty of energy! Good for you!!!!