Basilar tip clipping

Has anyone had a basilar tip aneurysm clipped. If so can you share your story or message me.


Hi Chris ... I had a 9mm Basilar tip aneurysm, but it was coiled... ~ Colleen

I had an 8 mm basilar tip aneurysm coiled in 2004 but now the coils have compacted and I have a 6 mm aneurysm below the coil. I didn’t have the option of clipping in 2004 but now the neurosurgeon said he could clip. I’m having a hard time making a decision between clip or stents and coil.

This is a big concern for me...I was coiled over 2 years ago...and last angio I was told the coils compacted, but they were hopeful...I would have to wait about 2 years for another angio...because there was too much trauma...I wasn't given the option of clipping, although there was a Neurosurgeon that accompanied the Interventionalist incase I would have to be clipped...

Did you have any effects that made you realize they had compacted?

I will say some prayers to help you with this decision...keep us posted...~ Colleen

Click on Ellen's page...she had a basilar artery tip clipped...if you want to ask her a question, just do that under her profile and/or ask to befriend her...

I did not have any symptoms. I just had a MRA about every two years. This last MRA report stated they had found a second aneurysm in a different location. I had an angio done to confirm and luckily there was no second aneurysm but found the original one at the basilar tip was 6mm under the 8mm I had coiled.

I was not given the option of surgery either in 2004. The neurosurgeon I went to then said he would never touch it.