Basilar tip anuerysm encompassing two arteries

I was diagnosed with a basilar tip anuerysm back in 2002. It is now 6.8 mm. It is a broad neck anuerysm that emcompasses two arteries so they can’t clamp it. They have told me they can coil it after putting in two stents, one in each artery. But I am holding out for another stent that they say is in the works that they can insert and eliminate the coils. Does anyone have an anuerysm like mine? I don’t know when to pull the trigger. Since it has been 8 years since they found it, they tell me every year there is a bigger chance for it to rupture. But because it involves 2 arteries it is a little more difficult. My husband doesn’t want me to do anything. he is afraid of the procedure. But he likes to keep his head in the sand. I just needed someone to talk to that would understand what I am going through. My family and friends try, but they just don’t know.
Thanks, Lisa