Balance, BPPV & Epley Maneuver

I’m 5 wks. post coiling, and my neurosurgeon said my recent MRA looks fantastic—yay! I still tire easily but also feel unbalanced when standing for any length of time. I get this feeling of my body being pulled down is the only way I can explain it. My doctor said it may take a while for these issues to get better. Since I spoke with him, I read about benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (dizziness sensation).
Does anyone have experience with treatment for BPPV with a physical therapist? Or, the Epley maneuver to balance inner ear crystals?

Good Morning mhann! I’ve had balance issues after my coilings, though I didn’t try what you’ve suggested. I would say give yourself some more time, keep hydrated and eat a lot of protein to help your brain heal. I also know how troublesome balance and dizziness issues are, so maybe a trip to the ENT could help narrow it down for you. I hope other members who have tried these methods chime in.

Hello. I had the same issue when I was released from the hospital (3-4 weeks post rupture/repair). Rolling over in bed caused severe vertigo…stomach heaving, room spinning, eye crossing vertigo. Milder when standing but couldn’t do anything that required looking up or down. My neurosurgeon tried a “trick he remembered from med school” which involved me laying on the table with my head hanging off and turning my head from side to side. When he sat me up I felt like I had been pushed off the building! Free falling! That didn’t work so he sent me to an ENT who specialized in vertigo. They put me in a contraption like a gyroscope and completely fixed it by the time I left the office. Something to do with crystals in the ear. This ENT is in central Florida but I am sure there are some in every state. Ask about a referral. Good luck, it is miserable (as if there aren’t enough changes post rupture/repair).


Thanks Midwife. I read about those procedures. I felt a bit different—when standing it felt like I was being pulled down. This started soon after my one month MRA. A few days after my post, it stopped—thank God! I read that sometimes the MRI can effect the fluid in your ears, and I wonder if that’s what happened to me. I’m starting to feel so much better now. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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thank you this is very helpful. This is exactly what I have. Had it worse in the Spring. terrifying.

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I’m finally going for a Vestibular Evaluation/Therapy on Friday.
I had a zoom appointment with an ENT in the spring who put me on the waiting list.
What got me to the ER in the Spring was an out of the blue vertigo attack, I was extremely nauseous and so dizzy I couldn’t pick up my head, couldn’t stand or lay down. They had to take me out to the ambulance in a chair. Once I was diagnosed as a having a brain aneurysm, I assumed the aneurysm was causing the dizziness. It was so extreme. But, the medicine they had given me in the ER wore off after a couple of hours. If I even moved a little bit the vertigo started and I was screaming because it was frightening.
The neurologist, 2 physicians and a neurology PA explained what causes vertigo- it only took three days for me to understand that the aneurysm wasn’t causing the dizziness. Getting the aneurysm diagnosis was a lot of intense information to process. It was very emotional because I though I was going to die or have immediate open brain surgery.
I will post here how the therapy goes.


May2020–Since I posted I was feeling better, I had two episodes of vertigo. One in the middle of the night when I rolled over, and one when I bent over to clean the front of my stove. They were both brief but intense. I have an appointment 9/23 with a physical therapist who specializes in vertigo. I hope she helps. Good luck with your treatment and thanks for sharing!

Hello. I don’t post often. Had dizziness before 2 found UNruptured aneurysms. Went to ENT and Vestibular PT.
Still dizzy sometimes. Make sure they support your head w the Eply maneuver.
I agree w the protein. I take Lion’s Mane. Supposed to help brain.
I was told the dizziness isn’t related to aneursym.
They are doing amazing things w stem cells.
I also do thigh exercises to help w bending down. Also, I bend @ waist.
Better than stress on neck. Best, G

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Update - I saw the vestibular rehab PT specialist last week. She tested me for BPPV, and I don’t have it. She thinks the vertigo I experienced was part of my healing process. May2020, hope things went well for you.

Thanks for the update! It so important that we learn all the possible different variables in our healing process.

I had my ruptured aneurysm clipped in the end of May and only now i have started to feel this dizziness/ Vertigo/loss of balance… I dont know well how to describe it… It’s a light feeling, i dont actually fall…
My apointment with the neurosurgeon is only in March and i’m starting to panic, afraid that something is wrong… I see that some of you had the same problem.

Welcome to our group Sonia! Keep a list of all your symptoms, whether on a phone or tablet. It’s far to easy to forget everything when we meet with our Neurosurgeon. I keep mine on my phone under Notes with a heading such as Questions for Dr Q-W (short for Dr. Quintero-Wolfe).

Please, please keep well hydrated. It’s amazing how much plain water can aid our brains. And don’t forget to increase your protein, we need a lot, especially after a rupture.

We all go through stages of fear, whether we ruptured, had an aneurysm stabilized or or the watch and wait list. Don’t ignore your symptoms, if they are bad, or the fear becomes overwhelming, call or email your team. I’m guessing your neurosurgeon has a triage team. They are a wonderful source of information and comfort. I was driving from my massage to go pick up lunch the other day. On the short drive, I was trying to remember where I put the oil for the grass trimmer. All of a sudden, my brain visualized exactly where I put it. This was a major breakthrough for my brain almost 7 years after rupture. It gave me a splitting headache, my speech went downhill, and my tremor got worse. I had to rest for a couple days, drink a lot of water and increase protein to calm everything down. I figure my neurotransmitters connected through a different pathway. Though it scared the dickens out of my BH, I was just trying to analyze what was going on. So even all this time out from rupture, my brain is still healing.

Thank you for your support, it’s very important that we can exchange ideas and experiences, from those who really understand what We Are dealing with…
Also appreciate your advices, We Are always learning something. I’ll start drinking more water, because I think I’m not getting enough of it.
As for the list of symptoms, I’m doing just Like You.

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Good for you on increasing the water! I think you will find the lists help, I was given the idea years ago on this site and just passing it forward. It makes the visits much easier and a little faster. I do it with all my doctors and they really appreciate it. Some of them, I wish they would do like our veterinarian, write down detailed directions on a piece of paper, not a sticky note. Some I wish they’d just use anything, even a sticky note lol. Don’t forget to increase your protein Ms. Sonia, you will be amazed at how much the water and protein help!

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