After clipping 2 yrs ago still have pressure and now vertigo

I had a clipping done almost 2 years ago. I still feel a constant pressure like I have a tightened rubber band around my head. Here lately I have been experiencing vertigo/dizziness. Has anyone ever experienced this so long after a clipping??


have you brought this up with your Primary Care Physician or Neurosurgeon? I Would suggest giving one of them a call or your Neurologist if you have one.

Wishing you all the best

Yes. I was on Midrin for over a year. However, I discovered that when I cut out sugar from my diet and did gluten free I was much much better. However, this is extremely difficult. The last three days I have had vertigo/dizziness and I am not sick nor do I have an ear infection. I live with this constant fear that I am going to just drop dead and it terrifies me.

Have you taken your BP? Please call your doctor. I read the other day there is a maneuver doctors can do to help with vertigo for people that have had stuff go awry in their brains. I think it was Epley? I may be spelling that wrong. The first thing they want to ensure is the reason and apparently there is some test for it. Sorry I didn’t get more in depth, still trying to heal. But I got most out of it was call your doctor.

Thank you! You spelled it correctly. Epley Procedure or maneuver. Just googled it and I am going to read up on it. I have doctor appt tomorrow am. Thank you so much!!

Went to doctor and it is BBPV. Epley maneuvers given to me as well as medication. Thank you!!!

Went to doctor and it is BBPV. Epley maneuvers given to me as well as medication. Thank you!!!

Hi Sylvia,

I've been experiencing the same problem. A first time bout of vertigo sent me to the hospital 2yrs ago which led them to finding my 2 annies. I had the clippings done shortly after and I've found my vertigo to have gotten more frequent since then. I've read that vertigo could be because of crystals in the ear but it's odd that I didn't have it before my surgery. I've also experienced the same fear that all of a sudden I think I'm just going to fall over or pass out. I do have an Rx for the vertigo which helps.

I noticed though that it's worse when my allergies are bothering me, have you noticed that too?

Sylvia and Valerie, I can completely relate to the feelings that you are just going pass out and/or drop dead. I had a ruptured aneurysm and a clipping in September of 2012 and was released a day before my 41st birthday. I have an 8 year old daughter and a 10 year old son and this is a consistent fear. Whenever I feel the anxiety, I like to meditate even for a couple of minutes.
I have year around allergies and notice that whenever I get a sinus infection on the right side (where my aneurysm is) I feel tend to get headaches behind my right eye and feel slightly dizzy.
Thank you for expressing your fears. I thought it was just me…thank goodness for this site.
Praying for anxiety relief for you both! Lots of love!

Andrea and Valerie, seems like we are all in the same boat. Valerie, yes I do have horrible allergies and that is when the vertigo started. I ended up going to ENT and she said same thing. Allergies appear to have brought this on. I am still doing exercises but I still have it. Going on 3 weeks now. It makes me so nauseous. I guess I will resort to meds that were given for this. Andrea, I have just resumed myself to living with this fear. I hate it but I just can’t seem to forget it. I guess it’s just like any other trauma one has in their life and it doesn’t go away. I will keep you both in my prayers. Thank you for your replies! :heart:

You made my day Ms Sylvia! Glad I could help. I live in what my allergist said is the worst county for allergies in the US. Never had them in Cali or FL! Besides the numerous allergy medications, my allergist suggested I use a neti pot or turkey baster with saline solution and keep my sinus clean. Because of the metal in my body, I can no longer have allergy testing. many people are helped by allergy shots. I took them for 2.5 years, but I’m odd and they had to stop giving them to me. I have noticied my allergies are much worse now then before my coiling. I didn’t think they could get worse:). I wonder if there is a correlation? I just keep saying Winter is coming…

Thank you ladies for your responses! I thought it might be allergy related but then I have a tendency to brush things off. I think I may be having more problems with it because when they found my annies they also found a heart problem that I have. Unfortunately my sinus meds are now limited because of the heart problem and I can now no longer take sudafed which used to work great. I'll try the saline solution and see if that helps and if you ladies find anything else that helps keep me posted.

Take care and have a wonderful holiday!

You too Valerie!

Yes, I had a clipping done in 2005. Have not experienced constant pressure, but have and still do experience vertigo. Started therapy for vertigo, but my co-pay was too expensive for me to continue with the therapy. I think the name of the therapy is called vestibular therapy and not all therapist do this. I had to go outside of my network for it. My vertigo has gotten better. It used to be so bad that I would fall out of the bed, because I was so disoriented. The funny thing about my vertigo, that when driving, I do not experience vertigo. Talk to your primary or neuro to see if they have any suggestions for you. Am changing insurance this open enrollment so that I can get therapy with an affordable co.-pay. Have a safe and peaceful holiday.