Bad day

I worked for over 12 hours today and it was a bad day from the word go… of all things, I forgot my mascara, had to give two unscheduled in-services on infection control. My expressive aphasia was in full swing. I became so frustrated, but did pull it off. Every one of my patients had major problems. I referred one to Hospice, sent one to the hospital, had to change a supra-pubic cath, saw that the patient had a raging UTI and called his physician for an order for a urinalysis and culture, which I ran to the hospital lab and another order for Levaquin, another patient who is bed bound, had suspected pneumonia, her lungs were full of wheezes, rales and rhonchi so I had to call for in-home chest x-rays. The next patient fell and I had to send him in for x-rays to rule out hip/pelvic fracture. By 3 p.m. I was ready to drop, got a call for another patient with chest pains… it goes on but I won’t bore you with my whining… I walked in the house at 8:45 this evening and burst into tears. I haven’t even started my paperwork, reports or computer input. My husband made a marvelous meal, held me in his arms and let me sob like a baby. I used to be able to take this stress but I just don’t have the strength I used to. My head is pounding, I am nauseated. I feel like I have changed so much since my surgery. After a day at work, I have nothing left to give at home. After a day like today, I just want to walk away from everyone and everything, feeling very much like a quitter… and yet I feel like I should be thankful after my aneurysm clipping…

Hi Maggie I am so sorry to hear that you had a bad day, I know exactly how you feel, do you think you should slow down??? I used to work 14-15 hours a day I am a account manager, after my aneurysm I knew I had to change not just for me but my family we have 3 young children at home 11,8, and 5 years old it made me realize how fast my life can be taken, they way I think they way I do things have all now changed, for the good it is a pity it took a aneurysm to teach me things I should of already know. I smile more and laugh more and soak up all the good stuff. I thank God for every moment I have been given. I have had to learn not to push myself as the headaches and the effects of the stroke can be really really bad I only push myself until my body says that’s enough. I hope tomorrow brings you a better day with lots of laughter and smiles :slight_smile:

Lorna, I feel so bad that spouted off the way I did. Today was much better. Work went smoothly, I was home early (by choice, thank you) and my husband and I walked the beach. The waves are mamoth this evening, crashing over the pier, the view was fantastic. I guess it takes someone else to remind us to slow down and smell the roses, thanks!!

Don’t feel bad we all have those days :slight_smile: we all need to say how we feel better out then keeping it in :slight_smile: I am so pleased that you had a great day :slight_smile: those moments are very special and that is what keeps us going :slight_smile: Have a wonderful evening :slight_smile:

I don’t even know how u work 14 hr days!!!good for u!!!

OK Jim, you did get me to laugh at that one… how could I get so stressed about mascara??? With everything else I had going on that day, it should have been the least of my worries!!

Yes that made me laugh too :slight_smile: but running mascara does suck!!!

I agree. Can u slow down & cut ur hours? I only work 25 hrs a week and that Is too much but I can’t cut it down more otherwise I can’t afford it :frowning:

Anyone know about disability grants or supplemental disability $$$ ?? For those of us who can and want to work but on those days when just can’t but can’t afford to stop even for one day get some funding do we can??does this make sense. Today is one of those days for me :frowning:

Dulce, we just sold our boat in Alaska, now if my husband would sell his place in Montana. Our house on Lake Michigan is over 4,000 sq. feet and way too big for the two of us, it is being renovated and when it is done it is hopefully going on the market. I feel like we are paying for dead horses. I would like to slow down but can’t until we unload this real estate. I want a two bedroom little bungalow on a lake. I am so exhausted all the time, on weekends I am playing catch up.

Yes, there are days that I think I can’t take another step but have to keep on going. There are times that my head hurts so much that I just want to sit on the hallway floor at work and cry but no one at work knows how I feel or that I even have a headache, I hide it well. We will overcome all of this by doing the best we can while we can.

Maggie; Jim is right. You cant sacrifice your health for the potential sale of a house. There has got to be a better way. You must take care of yourself!!!

Another day at the chop shop Jim… one of the nurses totally flipped out and I mean lost it… She always had a short fuse but this was over the edge with a complimentary trip to ER. I got home, did my paperwork and computer input, unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded with dinner dishes, swept floors, sprayed the counters down, started wash and sat to think about how I could enjoy life like my husband. Trying to figure out what he does all day… oh, he did clean the pool a few days ago! I’m afraid that if I took the time to talk to hubby, hubby would be in the hospital with two broken arms, two broken legs and a “slightly” fractured jaw, but I will put my best mascara on before we “talk”!!

Hi Maggie,
I am up at 3:14 in the morning reading through your posts because I have a housefull of teenagers who just “don’t get it either” lol. My surgery was 4 weeks ago. I feel your frustration! I look good, in fact better than before because I have lost weight. My surgeon is so good he doesn’t shave your head. He has done both of mine and you can’t tell it because I still have hair. I am a nurse and work in the ED. Most days I am feeling worse than most of the ungrateful patients that I take care of. Lol. I plan on going back to work in 3 weeks. I am starting out at 4 hours and working my way back to the 12 hour shifts. I work WEO so only have to work 24 hours a week and can pick up more if I want to. My husband tries to “get it” but doesn’t really. I have had these 2 surgeries in the last 5 years. I have decided, (God forbid), that if I should have another one, I am going to book a stay at a resort for 2 months and do my recovery there! Take care and keep in touch. This is a great place to vent because we all “GET IT”!!! Prayers, peace, hope and love from INDY. Sherri :slight_smile: