Back to Work

I am going back to work August 1st. My aneurysm ruptured On March 4, 2010. I am doing very well. I am a little nervous because going back to work means moving again from Michigan to Illinois. I had moved to the Chicago area last October because of work. After my aneurysm ruptered and the coils were put in place, I was in the hospital for almost 4 weeks. My extended family had moved all of my belonging back here and closed out the apartment I had been living in. Thank goodness I still had my house here in Michigan (There was and is no way I can sell it because of the economic conditions).

Well, I'm ready to go back to work. I have not been able to find something here in Michigan so I am going back to my old job. Thank goodness they have been very supportive.

This time, I am renting rooms from a woman about my age and her mother. This way I do not have to live alone. It also means I only have to take my personal items since the rooms are furnished.

Please keep me in your prayers and I'll keep you in mine.

Thank you,


Hi Linda, Good luck to you. Take it one day at a time and make sure you get your rest. Shelly


It’s great to hear that you are taking that next step. When I returned back to work after my coiling procedure for a ruptured aneurysm, I found that I got tired quickly. I felt pretty good when I went back, though it had only been about 6 weeks. But for the first month, I could not make it through a full day, it was just too exhausting. After the first month, I could make it through the day (barely), but could not do anything in the evenings, I was too exhausted. It helped that we had a privacy room in our office where I could take a quick 30 minute nap during the day. It took me close to a year before I could start to add social events onto my calendar along with work. Even then I had to be careful not to overload myself or I’d have the deep dark slumber (i.e., brain shut down). It took me almost three years to get to a point where I could balance all the differing spheres of my life (family, work, community, church). Now, four years into my recovery and I’ve decided to pursue my MBA while working fulltime. It’s definitely causing tiredness once again but I’m managing it much better. When my brain says rest, that’s what I do, regardless of deadlines.

I say all of this just to say, listen to your brain as you go back to work. It will send out clear signs as to when it’s getting overloaded. When it does, rest. Anything else will bring disaster results. And I will keep you in my prayers.

Thanks for sharing your experience. That’s exactly why I posted this message to find out how others have handled going back to work. One thing I have learned is to listen to my body. I spoke with my boss today about returning to work and he is so supportive. I am very lucky that he agrees that my health is most important.

Good luck with the pursuit of your MBA. I hope all goes well.

Thank you, Becky. I glad to hear all worked out for you. I will also keep you in my prayers.