Avon/Donation to The BAF

Hi Everybody!

I sell Avon as a side hobby and decided that it would be a good idea to use this tool as a way to raise money for the BAF.

Of all of my on-line orders received, I will donate 15% of my earning to the BAF. For now I have set it up to do this for one month. However, if this works out good, I will increase the time limit, and the percentage donated.

My website is:


All you need to do when you place an order is to put BAF in the event code box.

This way Avon can track the the sales, so we know how much money to give the BAF.

Thank you!!

Mary Crockett

Brain Aneurysm Survivor

This is wonderful Mary...! Thank ~ you to all of you who have contributed so much to Brain Aneurysm Fundraiser...

It is inspiring to me ... Colleen

Thank you Colleen!

I think The BAF is wonderful!

I just really hope my idea works well!!



Thank you Jim!

I really want this to work.....

I am also going to post this on the Face Book page...

I want to donate as much as possible!


This is great for you to do... wishing you, and the BAF, the best.


Pat, can you help me get people to order??

I haven't received an orders yet...

Mary...I can offer a couple of thoughts... (limited?)

Start at the top like you did this one...add the date...so we know when it is new... bring forth some data, in a few sentences w/whatever the special is...the benefits of the product / ingredients/ sale price... and, website...

Hair products are promoted now...what more can you tell of those? Many of us have gone thru hair loss from contrast dye...and, there are more across the country from chemo...what does Avon have to offer? What will Avon offer to help bring public awareness?

Avis and Heidi (?...forgive my memory slip) are working at promoting public awareness of brain aneurysms... and, can you intrigue Avon to help w/that in some way?

Connect w/Avis to see if your efforts can/may be intertwined... I look forward to Brain Awareness being as advanced publicly as Breast Awareness...

One step at a time; start w/some info on a special... w/your website below...


this is great!

Thank you so much for your input ! It is much appreciated! I will work on that tonight!




So glad to see Michelle’s name here… she has been working on the walk-a-thon idea, too, for promotion… I have been thinking a lot about Michelle for something else stuck in my thought process…


I view you, and many more, w/babies, toddlers, and slightly older children... which jogs my memory...I have done some mini-connections/research... It takes a bit for my thoughts to get into order...can only think one thing at a time...to hope my words/sentences make sense...