Avon/Donation to the BAF 3/3/11

Hi Everybody!

I know some of you know me, my name is Mary and I am an anerysm survivor, as is my mother, and my sister Gail. My oldest brother Jimmy died back in 2003 from a massive aneurysm. Due to his passing, our family had to be screened... there are 8 children!!! I was the first one to be screened, and the first on to be told that I have an aneurysm. :(

My mother was tested not long after me and was told she had one as well. We both had the surgery....platinum coils. My mother's worked fine, no futher work was needed, thank God! A few years after mine was done, through an angiogram, it was found that mine was bleeding again. I had to go in for more surgery. This time I had a stent put in the artery, where the the aneurysm is. The recovery of this surgery was much quicker than the coils with exception of the blood thinners!! I could have done with out those......well, maybe not! The good thing is that all of this was done through the artery in my groin. I have been blessed. I just really wish that my brother didn't have to die for us to have found these.....

The BAF has been my back bone.

I do what ever I can to raise money fo them

What I am doing now is selling Avon!!! :)

Avon has wonderful products! They have body lotions to help keep your skin soft, of course we still have my favorite and probably your's......Skin So Soft!

We have bath and shower gels, in scents any where from cucumber melon to strawberry, to cherry blossom!! Shampoo's and conditioner's that just really massage your scalp. We have make-up, jewelery, anything to make yourself feel like the beautiful person that you are!

And best of all, they cost less with Avon than your local drug store!!

Of all of my on-line orders, I will be donating 15% to the BAF!!!

All you have to do when you order, is enter BAF in the event code box at check out.

I think this is a wonderful oppourntity to raise money for the BAF!!

My website is: www.youravon.com/mcrockett

If you have any questions at all, my e-mail is ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Thank you so much!!




You have quite a family story; thanks for sharing it. I am so sorry you lost your brother; he gave you all so much...remember, when you look at the stars "perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours thru and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy." I do not know / remember the author of this.

You were also blessed to have the mds tell you about the genetics for you all to be tested.


Hi Mary,

People sometimes forget genes plays a big part in our lives. Thank god for prescreening. How did the rest of your family make out? I come from a family of 3 girls, my sister passed away from her annie in 2002. It took me until 2010 to be tested after a cousin had died. My test came out positive and I am on a watch basis. My other sister at this time does not want to know. She said its too hard to live with. I tell her yes that is true but I would much rather have the option of knowing and being able to do something about it than dying from a rupture. And yes, I do know that mine could do that too but I just need to be confident with the decisions of my doctors.