Aspirin and coiled

I had my unruptured Annie coiled 9 years ago…and all this time I’ve been on daily 325 aspirin. My family doctor thinks my recent pain under my sternum may be due to a ulcer possibly from the aspirin I’ve been on all these years. My question…has anyone else been on aspirin this long? And at 325? I am no longer under my Neuro’s care, because this last angio looked great…and he says I don’t need to come back to see him anymore…wahooooo…but I also thought…ummmm, don’t you still want to take a peek at it in a few years? any answers about the aspirin and if you have to take yours the remainder of your life. Thanks so much!

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I don’t understand why you take aspirin. I have been told not to take it. Dangerous

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I have a stent. Stents can cause blood clots and the aspirin helps with that. I will plan to try and contact my neurologist and ask about the aspirin. Thanks so much for replying.

My wife had a ruptured annie eight years ago next Thursday (Dec. 19). She has been on 325 aspirin ever since, and is doing fine with it so far.

Thanks ADRauch…great to know she’s doing well!

I have unraptured aneurysm on the watch , and I was told to take aspirin 325 daily .2 years for now I am taking it.

I take another medication to control the side effects from the aspirin. I wonder if the ulcer is from the aspirin or the side effects actually? That may be something your general physician could help with if so.

I had a coil and stint in my right ICA, and I am on asprin daily. Please do not go off the asprin. I did for a week and threw a clot and cause a slight stroke. The asprin is to keep your blood thin to keep the blood from clotting at the clot and stint. Anyways, I go every few years to have my annie checked and during my third check an annie was found on the left ICA. So I would encourage a check every other year at least.

-coiled and stint, sorry.

Carrie, There’s several test options the pcp can order for aspirin toxicity if concerned. Everything I’ve read suggests a test either urine or blood or both. Also everything I’ve read says the medical folks are still debating the high dose vs low dose aspirin effects. I often wonder why doctors put us on a med, even an otc, and then not follow the effects. I remember when Acetaminophen (Tylenol) came out and how everyone was pushing it as a safer alternative to aspirin. They didn’t know back then that it can cause liver damage, they do now. They have known for decades that aspirin can cause gastrointestinal issues. I don’t know if the tests for salicylate are effective. I was on 81 mg for years before I ruptured. I was never tested, not sure they had tests back then. I also didn’t know frequent vomiting was a toxic level indicator. I’m not sure the cardiologist who ordered it ever discussed it with me. Good luck and hope your gastro issues are easily resolved.

I don’t have a stent, but I have a bypass (around my aneurysm). Neuros told me to stay on 325 the remainder of my life “to keep the bypass open”. I definitely bleed easily, and I worry about ulcers. Not sure what I would do either if there is a concern about ulcers…

Interesting, I have a 15mm unruptured aneurysm. 3 coilings and 2 stents in the last 3 years. I have been told to just take low dose aspirin daily. Makes me wonder if I should be taking more, will have to check.

It has been a year and half since aneurysm burst. I have been on 325 aspirin for the past year and have been told by neurosurgeon that I will have to take it for the rest of my life. The first 6 months I did not have to take any medication, at 6 month angiogram it was found that coils were not working and I needed a stint, after stint was put in I went on the aspirin. Thankfully I have had no adverse effects from taking full strength aspirin. I have been very fortunate in that I have access to my neurosurgeon through a patient portal. I hope things work out for you quickly.

I had the coiling/stent procedure in Dec. 2018 and Aug. 2019 on the same aneurysm. I have been taking plavix and low dose aspirin ever since Nov. 2018. I have been told that I may be taken off Plavix after the MRI in March 2020. I have had no adverse effects from taking these blood thinners. Don’t go off either without consulting your neurosurgeon/neuroradiologist. That’s the advice I was given after the first procedure.

LO44. I had a ruptured aneurysm and 2 - 1mm are still there. They recommended baby aspirin for me. I have sensitive stomach though and my family is prone to ulcers, so that could be why such low dose.

Hi Carrie - I have coiling and stent - almost 2 years on the coiling and 1.5 on the stent. They had me on 325 mg aspirin and plavix until my angio in August. I’m now on 81 mg aspirin and topamax for the head pain I sometimes get - I don’t go back to the neurosurgeon for a couple of years for another angio. If that helps?

Y’all are the BEST! Thank you so much replying. I’m going to send my Neuro a letter asking him if it’s okay for my GP to reduce my aspirin to 81 due to possible problems with my stomach.

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Blood thinners. I take a 325 aspirin twice a day plus 75 MG Plavix a day. No stopping in sight.