Art helps the healing

IMG_6836I will be presenting paintings I have made on wooden art palettes in Fargo ND on 9 September … they are all self portraits and show how I have dealt with my life after a burst brain aneurysm. Aphasia is a nasty side effect of my stroke… painting has allowed me to express myself and to regain a voice! …
Some of the paintings are weird, some appealing… all of them gave me a purpose to continue and not to just give up when the day might be bad. Check out my Facebook page…Sandra Muzzy Watercolor Studio.


Beautiful way to heal Sandra, thanks for sharing!


hey! i loves your paintings! i used to love painting so much when i was in high school, but i never really took it as my “skill”, so i never continue since high school, but i still do loves looking at people’s paintings…

i thought i have dyslexic or (something else, i couldn’t remember now), but when i explained how im feeling to my cousin, she knew that what i have is not dyslexia but it’s aphasia…(never confirmed this with doctor though) but it has become like my new characteristic :joy:

oh btw @Moltroub , hey happy birthday! i see the birthday cake next to your name, im guessing that means you are having a good birthday? :grin:

Oh aphasia and the inability to find the correct word is aggravating! I do recall when people would try to give me the word, if it wasn’t the right one my brain would often just shut down. It does get better over time and a bit of work. Try reading anything - books, magazines, whatever you fancy. You might find taking up art again will really help with everything, just look at how well @Artist is doing!

And thank you for the birthday wishes! I slept in a little later than usual, have my cup of tea, already played with the dogs, so it’s a great start to celebrating 63 years of a well lived life!


Happy Birthday to you :bouquet:

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Wishing you many more❣️

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@oct20 and @Blessed1 thank you so much! My niece and her husband called me yesterday to sing the Happy Birthday song (it’s a family tradition). My nephew was teasing me about my age and was throwing out ridiculous ages. You should have heard my niece, BH and myself when he said 53, I told him I wasn’t repeating that age for love nor money. He’d forgotten I was 53 when I popped my pipe🤣

Sandra, I love your work, I paint as well. But after my annie ruptured in 1998 I decided to take on a different kind of art! Music. :wink: My bands name is ConnQuest and we play in the Detroit area. Check it out at
Enjoy the music, love the painting!
I’d love to see more of your work. I can be reached through a PM.