Are Rebounders - Mini Trampolines Safe to Use with Aneurysm Coils


I have a rebounder (or mini trampoline) that I would like to start using but worried about all that bouncing around effect on aneurysm coils. Anybody able to help. Much appreciated

Please check with your Doctor if this is ok for you to do...~ Colleen

hi Quinn,

Definitely you should check with your own neuro folks first to be absolutely sure, as it would mostly depend on your particular situation and medical history.

The only info I can give you is that in my case (ruptured aneurysm, coiled, now occluded completely) I have no medical advice to suggest anything like bouncing would be bad for me. I do find that I get dizzy if I go upside down... but beyond that I can do anything physical without problems with the coils. I am not sure whether this advice would apply to others or not, so you definitely should check to be sure... although logically, I think it would be very unlikely that a bouncing motion would be a problem in and of itself, provided there would be no problems caused by increased heart rate and blood flow caused by the exercising in general. Certainly best to check before doing anything new - better safe than sorry and all that!

Good luck and (I hope) happy bouncing :)