Anyone had coiling or reclipping of a remnant from prior aneurysm clipping?

If so, I'd like to hear from you.

From the medical journal studies I've read, it seems this happens infrequently (in 3.5 - 13% of clippings) that the clip doesn't completely occlude the aneurysm, leaving a remnant, defined as a filling with contrast medium of its portion greater than 1 mm in size. The detected aneurysm remnants were classified according to Sindou's classification of aneurysm remnants. The causes of aneurysm remnants were no full visualization (during clipping) (35.9%), parent and perforator artery protection (25.6%), clip design problems (20.5%), and broad-necked aneurysm (17.9%). I know my annie that was clipped 4 years ago had a broad neck, but no mention was made of a remnant, and I don't believe it showed up on my CTA two years ago.

These remnants are associated with persistent risk of hemorrhage from rupture and may also grow over time and produce symptoms by compressing neighboring structures. Although small, the danger of bleeding after incomplete aneurysm clipping persists for years and may result in serious and even fatal consequences. The presence of an aneurysm remnant after incomplete or unsuccessful surgical clipping is associated with persistent risk of regrowth and rupture, and additional treatment is generally recommended. Attempts at surgical re-exploration are technically difficult and carry significant risk. I am meeting with my neuro team Tuesday to discuss my options.

Until today, I had never heard of remnants or "residual filling of the neck of previously clipped aneurysms" so I am most interested in hearing from anyone with experience in this area.

--Many thanks

I have never had the clip….When I had mine my doctor put coils in them both….and about 7 months later he seen a residual one on the one that burst, so he went back in and added a coil…..that all happened 2009 and 2010…I am doing wonderful now!! No more headaches….MRA scans all clear!!! I am very grateful!!! I hope this helps!!

Thanks for your reply, pnotto.

I met with my original neurosurgeon today. He looked at the scans that were written up as showing this remnant, said it was an artifact, and that he was "very happy" with the way my scans looked.

I am feeling much better about this now. When I asked him why the radiologist would have written up the report the way he did, he did not respond until I asked if he thought it was a CYA move by the radiologist and he slowly smiled. I think sometimes those doctors are so afraid of being sued that they write up things that aren't really there, just so they can insulate themselves in case someone ever tries to come back at them.