Anyone else?

After i take a hat off my head it stinks, does anyone know why i have a smell from my head, nothing leaking or anything.

Hi Laurie....never heard of this, but doesn't sound that it is correlated to the annie's...Hope you get an answer...


very funny jim hahahaha, . And my hair is cleaner then yours if you have any, lol. just joking , love ya.

i think its still healing cause i can get dead skin off it, odd hugh??

Oil glands in your scalp may be overactive due to stress or even hormonal changes. Harmless bacteria feed on the oil and with more oil, you have more bacteria, and that's creating the smell. Shampoo with zinc, sulfur, or tar should reduce the oil, but see a dermatologist for help if that doesn't make your head sweet-smelling again.

thats what i found.

Laurie- ....the "smile" was for Jims post!

My scalp was a mess while I was hospitalized and for quite awhile (months) after my "release" (sounds like I was in prison!).. I had some shampoo that was a prescription that worked- slowly....Here is what I used- Ketoconazole Shampoo, 2%...Just an FYI-

I had "sores" on my scalp and it flaked-ewww!

I would recommend seeing a dermatologist- good luck!



This is one problem I don't have. For as many times as my head has been cut opened I would have to say it's might be hormonal. I hope you find a cure. xoxoxo

Being a gentleman huh

I could not help but :-)

mine still flakes 2 years out, well i just wanted to know if anyone else had this, thanks for answering me.