Any advice about recovery after clipping?

Hey there,
Just wondering if there’s anyone out there with an unruptured, irregular shaped MCA that had the clipping done recently?
Would love to hear about your experiences and any advice you may have. I’m nervous about the surgery and the recovery and it would be reassuring to chat with someone who is going through a similar situation at the moment.
Thanks a million


Hi! I had my right MCA clipped on June 20. I just got my staples out today!
Let me know what you’d like to know. It’s all very fresh for me.


Hi there, thanks so much for getting back to me. I hope you’re feeling good after the surgery and that your recovery is going well.
I suppose I am looking for as much detail as possible about how you feel after the surgery. I know everyone reacts and recovers differently but I’m the type of person that likes to have all the info on what to expect so that I’m prepared for all eventualities!
I’m scared about having the surgery, having complications especially as I feel good right now and am thinking that maybe my Annie will never burst and that I’m putting myself through a major surgery for nothing.
I know how that sounds and I know I should be grateful that they found it before anything happened but it’s just how I’m feeling right now.

Hope you’re getting lots of rest and TLC x

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My Annie was found during another illness (Bells Palsy). I went for many years just having it monitored until the doctor felt since it was growing my odds were better with a clip. My surgery was ten years ago. The surgery went longer than expected due to the difficult location in the Circle of Willis. Surgery took about eight hours.
My husband and I had done a lot of research that really helped prepare us. When I woke up my face was swollen and both eyes black. (Glad we read that before or I would have been freaked out). I was weak and took physical therapy to learn to walk again. That did not take long. I had to sleep in a recliner for a few weeks, that wasn’t to bad either. That was the worst of it.
I’m glad I had the clip because now I don’t worry much anymore. I feel blessed by God and life is good. I do have minor changes like occasional balance issues if I get too hot. I’m more sensitive to annoying sounds and more direct but overall I am so glad I had the surgery. Ten years out and going strong. I pray you will have a successful surgery and continue to enjoy life.
Best wishes,

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How big wAs your Annie x

My Annie was a 2. It remained a 2 for several years. When it began increasing in size over a short period of time it was decided that it was better to have surgery. I can’t remember but it was either a 5 or 7 when they did surgery.

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Apparently I have to wait until 7mm mca, I think clip is the only surgery , im not sure , how did your clip go x

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I am 53 x

My surgery was long (8+ hours) which was very hard on my husband in the waiting room. For me it went well. I have a very strong faith In Christ so that made it much easier on me.

The recovery takes time but wasn’t to bad. I recently had shoulder surgery and the recovery was much longer and harder.

Following the brain surgery I did about three months of PT to get steady on my feet again. My deficits include the inability to perspire so I have to be careful not to get to hot. I posted to see if others have dealt with this and no one responded with the same issue. My neurologist said he had not seen this side effect before.

I’m much more attuned to noises and want to be more organized. Not a bad thing really. My thigh muscles no longer respond well so I can’t swat down and I have a little difficulty sitting and standing without using my hands to lower and raise myself up or down. It’s a minor inconvenience compared to what I hear that others deal with.

I’m blessed to be living and glad to not have headaches hardly ever. I can do most anything I try except for dealing with heat. I avoid hot temperatures and have done pretty well.

I hope this information helps. I have learned not to stress so much and to appreciate all those around me and all that I have so I count myself very blessed. I have had no additional Annie’s. I hope the same for you.

Take care and reach out anytime.



Rrrr that’s great help , hope you get stronger , il keep you in touch , I wish my surgeon will just operate x

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Hang in there, there are often reasons for when they decide it’s best for you to have the surgery. Saying prayers for you.