Another Sunday and a week for welcoming new members 1 Oct 2023

My goodness, where did September go? How’s your week been going? Mine is full of positives! We chose the colors for the tractor shed…BH is an Alabama fan so as close as we could get for trim in crimson, body will be a light gray, and white gutter system - Roll Tide! Being raised in Southern California I’m more a USC fan. Imagine my excitement when I first moved to North Carolina and was told Carolina was playing USC! Then the disappointment when I found out that it wasn’t the correct one it was the University of South Carolina :joy:. For those not in the States, I’m talking American College football. Our grader has finished the preliminary grading, the foundation for the temporary shelter is almost done, we have a young man coming to help me put up the pipe and the cover so I can get my little tractor and it’s implements here where they belong. I’m so excited, I’m stuttering again! We’ve neither seen nor smelled any skunks for awhile, even the snakes have gone somewhere else. But oh my gosh, the spiders are everywhere! :scream: Let’s continue my excitement with welcoming our newest members!

We start off with @Anna.0786 who’s over in Manchester located in the United Kingdom. Anna has come to the right place, she’s had a 7mm aneurysm and will be having an endovascular treatment. Anna wants to know if someone has already had the procedure and what their experience was…we have a plethora of members who have had this procedure, please start a new topic under the “General” tab!

@cloudy is up in Toronto, Canada. Cloudy just had a W.E.B device installed for a 10 mm MCA aneurysm. He’s already posted a few topics! Way to go Cloudy!

@Brainmine in Columbia which I think is South Carolina but maybe the District of Columbia, there are probably other States with the same city name but those are the two that come to mind. Julia shares she and a rugged brain bleed and had a headache like a running train! For those of us who ruptured, we certainly can relate to that massive headache! Come talk with us…

@Cindy77 is out in California. Cindy shares that on 3 February 2022 she passed out at home and her husband called 911 immediately. Cindy contacted the West Nile Virus back in 2004 and almost killed her. She then had her rupture and is struggling every day. Cindy is also trying to get disability and isn’t having any luck with it. We can suggest a few things, please start a new topic or even do a search to see what others have gone through by using the magnifying glass.

We end this week with @itsbeenreal in Texas. Rafael was in a car accident and had what he thought to be some cervical spine issues just to get news of an incidental find of a 4-5mm aneurysm in the right PCOM. Rafael shares that ever since the. His life has not been the same. He is suffering from anxiety, depression and a general sense of meaningless. He is managing a successful career and is still here! He is hoping to be able to do good here with and for other members (thank you!). Rafael shares he is a Hispanic male, loves to workout, garden, write and spend time with family. He’s also been told he is a great storyteller and hopes that talking with other members about their interests can help.

That’s it for the week y’all! If you didn’t catch @Carole_G posting great news go here Grateful to be celebrating my 54th annieversary!. 54 years y’all!

Have a great week…today is International Coffee Day, I think I’ll go enjoy mine before I get to work😂

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Welcome everyone!

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Welcome everyone and Go Dawgs!

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