Wow... the more reading I do the more thankful I am that I had no warning. My aneurysm burst and I had a horrible headache and I was in the hospital and had surgery. I didn't have to worry about what to do. I had several aneurysms and they were clipped (those that didn't burst). I guess I didn't realize you could be diagnosed before they burst. I'm thankful for my two neurosurgeons.

Lol, I know what you're saying about the "Thankful" part--I wasn't offered a choice in my 1st anuerysm clipping (they didn't even use coils or stents then), and it happened so fast (getting into surgery) that I didn't have much time to think about it anyway! I had another aneurysm in 2006 (I was in a coma and had no choice to do what they gave me, which was a coil) but when the coil failed in 2010 I landed back in the hospital where I guess I was given a choice beween a the coil or craniotomy, but I didn't even consider the coil as I wasnt' too thrilled with it having failed on me and went with another craniotomy (whatever it took to "stop the madness" of the aneurysm!) Take care Laura!


hi Laura-i definately hear what your saying but hmmmm i guess your right but geezz its so hard to be thankful for anything associated with the terrible effects of the sah. My heart goes out to you all but the biggest piece of my heart to Janet and the hybrids who have endured the worst of both worlds and of course my family & friends who shouldered the brunt of the pain & agony while i lyed there peacefuly comatized. i luv your opener-wow-that describes these feelings the best but words cannot accurately describe this unless you've been thru this storm- kinda like the recent hurricane here--the concert storm survivor stories really hit my heart hard-these images are forever etched in my mind. Thank you- you have enlightened me, there is always something to be thankful for and always the credit goes to God. Hmmm i'm now wrestling with the thought of warnings- i'm gettin the guilties cause i may have had warnings of dizzyness and 2 migraines. i'm afraid i was too dumb and or stubborn to seek out medical advice. Dear Lord please take these guilties away and replace it with strength, fortitude and wisdom for me and any others among us who are suffering. Thanks again-its good to express and vent these feelings that are seemingly clogging up my mind. Hmmm like self serve therapy- lol Keep the faith & hope alive!!

Hi Laura...each of our aneurysm...ruptured, nonrupture and leaking...all happen for a reason...I truly have to hold on to that...Wishing you a beautiful Saturday ~ Colleen

Well, I guess I should elaborate... the first neurosurgeon was smart enough to realize that one of my aneurysms was in a spot beyond his expertise and the second one was good enough to be able to take care of it and still had an amazing bedside manner despite his working crazy lots of hours, etc.

Hi Laura, you have any residual effects? I also had two, one SAH, which bleed out in the control center, was in a coma, died on the table, revived told my daughter if I made it through the coma I had a 25% chance of survival, once out of coma, babbling, changes 40% walk talk normally...that was 1/23/2010. My warning signs were more stroke like, dizzy, could not make my arms and legs go...last thing I remember was ambulance. After much rehabilitation 4 surgeries a pipeline embolization on the second one. No one can tell, still on disability. God has a plan for us!

Hi Laura - I am right there with you. I read the stories and my heart goes out to those that are conflicted...that have to choose a treatment option. Mine ruptured and I don't even remember the headache - honestly can remember nothing about that day, for which I am thankful. I pray everyday for the Lord to touch those that need him with his healing hand - and wish I could do more.

Take Care,


My didn't burst...but was leaking...and only a matter of time...and I must admit ... like you...I am glad I had no choices...~ wishing you a nice day ~ Colleen