Another Inspiring Video every Survivor should Watch❣

I had posted Marisela's first video here a month or so ago and here she is with another amazing video to Inspire us ALL :)! This young gal is certainly a force to be reckoned with in how she has & is reacting to her invisible Brain injury!!! I really believe this video will Inspire each & every one of you as you proceed thru your Healing Journey.

Sometimes our greatest Gifts are born thru tragedies of illnesses or grief, so keep the faith.

Mariselael2.0 :)) is truly a force to be reckoned with❣

Oh Gosh there you go again Michele...tears coming down my face...super video ... esp waking up and feeling "hungover" ... I tell my hubs this often, infact, I say to him, "how was the party? I must of drank a lot because I don't remember..."... but once I get going for the the video ... we pass through it and/or don't let others see the pain...Thank you for inspiring us with Marisela's video...~ wishing you a beautiful day ~ Colleen