Another angiogram at one year anniversary

My ped was inserted last May. Six month follow up showed no Annie! Went for a check up this week and doc told me he wants me to stay on Plavix until April 30th and do another angio May 7th! Totally shocked me… He said he just wants to be extra cautious and take another look. I was really looking forward to being off the plavix and for this to be over, but it feels like it never will be!

Hi Annie,

I thought PED does not require plavix, only the for the coilings that are done with regular stents.

Hang in there! You are basically 85% to the final line.

Where did you have this procedure done?

Aww sweetie! I feel your pain! Still on plavix & Aspirin. MY Neuro is keeping me on both till my 1 yr follow up angiogram in Sept 2013. Your Neuro knows best! Good luck sweetie & keep us posted.

Thanks Patricia,
I am better now. He’s a great surgeon and I trust him. I was just looking forward to no more angiograms. I guess One more it has to be! Thanks for the support!!

hi Kelly!! hang in there! one more hurdle to clear to get the "all clear" victory sign from the surgeon! We'll keep you in our thoughts & prayers!

Thank you Ron!!! All prayers are greatly appreciated !!