Annual mra

had my annual mra done this past monday the 13th and Elizabeth called, Dr Laytons nurse and gave me a clean bill of brain health,,,thank you Lord for keeping me safe and here with my family who i love higher than the mountains, wider than the sky and deeper than the ocean..God is great

Hi Michelle, That is soooo wonderful. We all need to hear good news. That after a year we can all get a clean bill of brain health! What a wonderful Christmas present. I want good news this time next year as well!!! Light and Prayers coming your way. Kim

Praise him..God truly is in control. That is awesome news. Have a safe and blessed Christmas. God Bless You.

Hi Michelle,

That is GREAT NEWS!!!!!...I'm so happy for you and your family...:-)



I am so happy to hear that what a gift!!

god bless


That is fantastic Michelle.

YOu must be so happy.

Merry Christmas and God Bless You.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

thank you to all for the congrats and well wishes for continued wellness for the future and i send it right back to each and everyone of you 100 times...God has helped us to make it this far and i feel he wants nothing but good health and sound minds for each of to you all and mucho prayers coming your way..muah!