Confuscious says : when in doubt ...scream

I had my first run with aneurysms in January 2012, I had 2 annies coiled, they called these a mother and daugher on the basilar measurements, one was 9mm and the other 7.8mm, I have three others that are two small, in the mean time in April 2012 I went in for my follow up angio, the diagnosis was that the two coiled annies were compressing therefore forming a third annie measuring 2x1 in the middle of the mother and daugther annies, at this time the doctor told me to come back in three months, will in July 24, 2012, I had my 2nd angio. While in a stuper from medication and while in recovery, my doctor first says to see him in 6 months, then he comes in and says that the recently residual annie hasn't grown much but that he wants to coil this annie as well. I although still in a stuper, said if you coil this annie, of course the other two original ones need coils as well, but then I will have three annies coiled side by side, wouldn't they in turn apply pressure to each other because of proximity. He then shook his head and told me to give him a month to think about it. I am so confused as to what did that mean, that I am having nightmares. I have questions, will he recoil and then stent, or will he do the surgery himself, when, how etc. This is frustrating

hi Wanda-mine was sah emergency and i was in a coma not knowing what happened untill weeks later-so i can't begin to imagine what you're going thru-so sorry you're having to deal with this-my heart goes out to you,i hope & pray for an answer to quickly resolve your annies once & for all. ive heard others say the dr decides what to do once hes actually lookin at it -but im no brain surgeon! Good luck & best wishes to you & yours-we must put our trust in God & the surgeons since they are very good at what they do!

you are right my dear...and yes i put my full trust in God . I know to well that by his mercy and grace I am here today. Yet when you are left speechless and with so much to ask, it is heart wrenching to say the least...Thank you for your support and I pray that all is well with you also...God bless

thank you Jo,

I am feeling the same way...Thank you for the prayers and lots of love and hugz to you as well. God bless

Right Now...I have so much to say to YOU...and I am so tired...So...this will have to do until tommorrow Wanda....Sending you BIG BIG CYBER ~ HUGS ... Colleen

thank you Nikki

God bless you as well

God bless you too coleen,

thanks for the big big cyber hugs...hugz and love to you always...

I just went in to see my interventionist on the 17th of July. He was on vacation and I guess he truly needed it...He showed me my films on where the annies are located. He told me that he needs to go in and coil the two that are compressing and the new one, the only problem is that the new one is growing where a vein which takes blood to the left side of my brain is at. He said if he coils it than it will block the flow of blood to the vein and Icould stroke out or die. So together we discussed putting in a stent where the new annie is and more coils into the other two that are leaking. I asked that if he places a stent wouldn't that also block the vein, he said no that the stent is made of mesh, therefore the blood will still squirt into the vein giving it enough blood flow. which calmed me down a bit. He wants to make an appointment to go in for the next embolization w/coils and stent in october, I will have to take plavix five days before procedure and the aspirin I am still on. He assured me that he has done 600 cases and that he has never had to do a third coiling. that gave me some relieve. My only concerns at this point are that for the last 7 months I have had brain surgery and two angios, after each angio, I am realizing I am not recuperating as quickly and my head is pounding most of the time. Another concern is the time frame, they go into my leg during every angio. although they say it heals in 4 weeks I still have tenderness from the last angio in July. If anyone has any recommendations or can tell me if they had a second embolization and how they are feeling that would be great. God bless you all

Hi Wanda...I apologize ... I have been thinking about you and praying for you, but has been busy...and me not up to know some of the pounding in your head could be the compaction...I am so glad they are going to take care of things for you, but I know this doesn't make it feel ok...because there are so many "what if's"...

You and I both talk about all the problems with our angio's...Did you know they can go in another groin...since my right groin had been used 3 times...they used left this time...because eventually scar tissue, etc., builds I still hurt and was sick...most from the dye...but I seemed to heal in the groin a bit quicker then I did the last time it was done on the right side...

Please let me know when you are having this all done again...You have my Thoughts and Prayers...I hate this for you....but it seems that basilar area we both have is difficult to be a done deal...

Gotcha in my thoughts Colleen

Hello Wanda, hope you're ok, i feel for you the frustration of having to put your life in some one elses control

does want to make any one scream. I don't know much about the american medical system i hope you get your answer soon.

God Bless


thank you coleen..and I have you in my prayers as well. I am at this point and time leaving my worries and putting everything in God's hands. I would hope that when they go in the next time that they use the left leg, because just as yourself my right leg has been prodded three times already. I have faith that the headaches will subside with time and that what is too come will be for the best. I pray for you and everyone else on this site daily. Hope you are feeling better. God bless always

Hello Jo,

Thanks for the response and yes I am quite happy that my doctor and I have a game plan. As you said will see if my doctor is going into the same artery or if he will switch this time to the left femoral artery, if not . que sera sera. I will post on the web page for upcoming procedures. Hope and pray that you are doing great...stay blessed...

Hi Nikki,

The screaming is I am on a mission of recuperating and waiting for my next procedure. I do need to stay positive and know that some things are beyond my control. I have faith that God is in I place myself in his care as well. I hope and pray that you are doing good and again thank you for your response. God bless and Stay blessed.

Hi Wanda i'm glad you're feeling better and you're giving your throat a rest lol.

Good idea stay positive, you're making me feel better.

Yes i believe God is in control, no matter what we do or think it ends up his way, if we beleive in him and love him.

Thank God Bless you too

love Nikki xxx