Ankle Dorsiflexion dynasplint and inversion/evrsion control boot

For my 24 years old stepdaughter we were offered to buy the Dynysplint devices. She has a bad foot drop, stifness and spasticity. We are getting botox this week our first time. Does anybody use those equipments, what was your experience with this company, does it work? When you supposed to use it? Before the intensive rehabilitation, when you just laying in bed or when you started to walk? How many hours do you need to use them during the day?

Company representative ordered: Ankle Dorsiflexion Dynasplint, inversion /eversion control boot, wrist extention Neuro Dynasplint and Antispacticity Ball Splint.

Simona, I use a WalkAide to help me with my foot drop- it really helps- I don't know anything about Dynysplint- is Jacky currently using them with her PT? -D

Dana, Jacky is not doing any progress with PT and OC, she is still working on balancing to sit on the chair, she is not able to walk because of bad foot drop. I am familiar with WalkAide, great device, but it too early for her. She has PT evaluation and they confirm that she is not doing any progress with in home health service, she needs the real in hospital rehab.-S