What to expect when getting an Angiogram?

My mom has an upcoming angiogram in a few weeks. I wanted to know from those who have already had one, what she should expect during and after the procedure? Are the any risks involved?

Hi Shanta

I’m Jimmy I’m in Australia but the angiogram should be the same I guess…I had my angiogram yesterday it was ok really I was a bit nevous but everything was ok .

  1. They takebyou into the operating theatre then get you prepared for the procedure telling you everything they will be doing .

  2. They then give you a bit of medication so you don’t feel the catheter going in your groin.

3 They get set to place the catheter in and start with the procedure I didn’t feel I thing .

  1. Then they bring in the x-ray equipment to near your head one in front of your face and one at each side put a strap over your forehead to keep your head still while they take the pictures

  2. They watch the tv screen and when they want a pic they ask you to hold your breath while they take the pic all together they took about 15 pics

  3. After I was put on a recovery ward and told to keep my leg still for 4 hours

7 after that I’d had to walk round for 30 mins before they would let me go home all together it wasn’t to bad .

8 today iv been relaxing my groin is a little sore but not to bad it what I would of expected so that’s it really .

Hope your mums finds it helpful thanks Jimmy


First, what has been explained to her on the process, and what info was given on the purpose; i.e based on what initial diagnostic that sets the need for an angio?

I am a surivivor and have little to no memory of the time after angios anymore than during the angio...

Prayers you will get a lot of responses...


Hi Shanta--

I had an angio about a month ago to decide what to do with an unruptured annie. I was extremely nervous about it but the experience was not bad at all. I was in the hospital all day but that's because my procedure was pushed back due to emergency surgeries. We got to the hospital around 8, I was put in a "day room'--the nurses came in, drew blood, started an IV (which includes a sedative) and asked the many medical questions they have to ask. I was brought to the pre-op/recovery room a while later where they prepped me for the angio (shaving) and explained the procedure to me and my hubby. Then they brought me to the radiology suite. I was awake for the procedure but they gave me an IV sedative to keep calm. The only "pain" I felt was when they put the catheter in (it was a pinch and only lasted for a sec). My head was "strapped down" (it wasn't tight--I could've moved it but I think it was to remind me that they didn't want me to). I could see the images out of my left eye (which was kind of cool) so I watched that as much as I could. I couldn't feel the cath or anything else during the procedure--I was surprised at how relaxed I was during it (I'm sure the drugs helped). They took some pics, reviewed them and took more--I did have to hold my breath several times for the 3 D images. It was over much faster than I expected. In recovery, a nurse had to put pressure on my groin for 20 mins to make sure it was closed then checked it every 15 mins. I was in recovery for maybe an hour or so then back to my day room where I had to lay flat for another 5 hrs. Once I got back to my day room, I was allowed to eat and drink. (As info, she may already be aware of this but you can't get up to go to the bathroom for the 6 hrs you have to lay flat.) They sent me home after the 6 hrs of lying flat. I relaxed the following day and was up and moving around like nothing happened 2 days later. I did not have any issues at all--no groin pain, bleeding or anything. I know that's a lot of info but I hope it helps you and your mom. It is very scary thinking about it but for me, it wasn't a big deal!

Best wishes to your mom!


Thanks Jimmy that was really helpful. Glad all went well with your procedure.

The procedure was explanied to her and she is having it done because she has what looks to be a 2mm aneurysm. She has only had MRI's and a CTA up until this point. She was advised to do a angiogram to get all the info on the size, shape and what treatment method would be best. The doctor explained there could be a chance of a stroke so I was trying to get other people's thoughts and their experiences to put her mind at ease.

Thanks for your response Lisa. I will make her aware of your experience. I hope all goes well with you and your decision on what to do. Thanks again.

Thanks so Much Sue. Your right. I do look foward to the day when this all is just a thing of the past. In the meantime all the responses help. Thanks for sharing your experiences.