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Angiogram went well!

Thank you, Everyone, for your prayers and encouragement. Now that I’ve experienced an angiogram, I won’t be fearful next time. Everything went smoothly and my results were good. I am so very thankful for God’s hand in my life, and especially His presence throughout my aneurysm diagnosis, treatment, healing, and follow-up. Although this will be a life-long issue, I am now confident that I can move forward with far less fear than previously. I am thankful too for having this forum to both share and receive information.



Hi Gwen,

I'm very happy to know that you had a good experience and that you got good results. Thanks be to God.

Take care of yourself.


Gwen, I am happy to hear you had good results and that you have the procedure behind you. Enjoy your weekend!

Wonderful news Gwen...~ Colleen

Gwen, so pleased for you to be so blessed... and, so hope you will stay involved for the sake of others...It is gratifying to know those who expereinced quality care.

Prayers for your continued grand health...