Angiogram today

Just had my angiogram done today. It is not as large as my doctor thought from the MRI. It’s 4mm. My doctor said my brain is very unique and has more blood vessels then most. The Annie is in this area on one of these vessels . He has left it up to me to decide whether to monitor or repair it. He is willing to do either. I’m so confused. Anyone have any thoughts?

Coil? or PED? Are you have symtoms that are causing you problems? Coiling has been around for a long time. The PED is rather new in the US.I had the PED in Jun because it couldnt be coiled, I had mine for many years and was monitored with an annual mri.

The repair would be coiling and he said the neck is good and a stent would not be necessary. He says that my symptoms headaches, dizziness, sometimes can’t find the right words when speaking, confusion is not caused by the Annie. I’m not so sure myself because in the reading I’ve done these are.

HI, I am new to this site. Hope you don't mind but your post stood out to me. I had coiling done Oct. 2011-2 cm. What frustrates me as well is I have same symptoms and my Doctors have told me the same. I beg to differ, especially when I read all the post of other people with the same issues. It doesn't take a scientist to see that we all have symptoms of similarities. Some days are rough. My headaches are so severe sometimes. I also have a Vascular Disease called Fibromuscular Dysplasia. For me, it affects my Cerebral, Cartoid and Renal Arteries. So blood flow to brain is not to good. This was the cause of my Aneurysm. Very good chance there will be more. My heart goes out to you and I CAN RELATE TO YOUR FRUSTRATION. Wishing you luck with answers.

Robin, Your comment is very interesting to me. I know there are Vascular Diseases that cause aneurysms, and do have the symtoms many describe. The doctors have done a thousand more procedures just on the PED than people on this sight.I am noticing than many have had more than one procedure done.

My prayers are with you Robin, live with the knowing the unknowing. I had my aneurysm 9 years, before the PED. A great point you make..Sincerely, Denise

Oh Trif...this must be so have to make a decision...It really has to come from you...if you are really unsure, have you thought of a second opinion? and/or Did this Doctor tell you the chances of rupture, etc.,?

This can't be easy, sending out a prayer your way ~ Colleen