Angiogram....groin entrance vs wrist

It’s good that hear that everything went well. Let’s hope for a good final report. I have the same experience as you describe with the new angio seal, I had a feeling that it took longer time to heal and more soreness than previous procedures . I followed the same recovery guidelines, but I have been poked in the same femoral artery four times, maybe this has something to do with it. I don’t know. My next checkup will be with an MRA and hopefully it will stay that way.

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I recall one plug (angio seal) that felt really odd and it took me longer to heal. The then NP said I couldn’t tell the difference, but Dr. Quintero-Wolfe had to remind her I had sufficient experience with them. The next angio I had, Dr. Q-W assured me they weren’t using it anymore, it actually bothered me long enough to never want it again. I believe @oct20 has something there with scar tissue that forms! I know with me, she had to move up or down from the last one she did.

report should be in by the end of this week so my hope is I will be doing MRI moving forward as well! I will keep you posted


Yes I am feeling the soreness still and its over a week so like you, its either the new seal or the fact that they used the spot about 4 times already and there is scar tissue. I been walking a little every day for exercise - may be good for the legs but most important clearing my head. The report will be in next week, apparently my surgeon has been swamped so lets pray for all the new - possible future - members of this team.


Good luck on the report! I’m glad you’re keeping us posted.