Angiogram complete

My 12 month angiogram is complete! It wasn't as bad as i expected. Aneurysm clipping looked good and no deterioration or bleeds. I did finally find out more info on my original aneurysm. It was on the left carotid artery and was so large the clipping resulted in severe stenosis...greater than 70% blockage of the artery. Fortunately the body is an awesome thing and my body has compensated by sending more blood through the right side. The doc said my brain has had to reconfigure itself. Glad its over...hope it never happens again. Praise God for His blessings.

Hooray for you. Thank you for sharing your informative and good news with us.

WooHoo Number Nine! I’m doing the Happy Dance for you!

#9...congratulations...on your one year anniversary...

Wonderful!! Year one was the hardest one on me (and probably everyone)!

It's so nice to hear some good news and that you appear to be in brighter spirits. God is good.