6 Month Angiogram

I had my 6 month angiogram post pipeline last week. The neurologist said I had some scar tissue but nothing to worry about and…my 9 mm carotid aneurysm is totally gone. I have been dealing with some horrific migraines lately but I am thankful to not have to worry all the time about the aneurysm:) I’m very happy I can still be a mom to my 11 year old and am able to work. Thank you all for your kind words and support through one of the most difficult times of my life:)

No matter how symptomatic we can become what weights it off is that we are alive and free from rupturing and ready to continue to love our love ones as you can enjoy your daughter’s as she continues growing. I wish you the best and be headache free!

Thank you Knowing:) Yes, you are so right. Thinking of my daughter’s future without me was truly heart wrenching. I’m so glad to not have to worry about a rupture any longer. I’m still a bit scared as the pipeline is fairly new but I figure all we can do is pray and take it a day at a time:)

Hang in there, I know that it’s easier said than done, but you will get better with God’s help. Believe it from a person who has been treated for 2 aneurysms, one with a pipeline on Jan/2013 and the other with coiling this past Nov/2013 and for a future 3rd aneurysm surgery with coils this summer. Yes, I have 3 aneurysms that were discovered on Dec/2012.