Angiogram Closure Device

I have seen several posts about the 4-6 hour period of lying flat post procedure after coiling or follow up angio. I thought I would share this link about the closure device so you might have information to discuss it as an option with your doctor or neuroradiologist. I have had many coiling procedures and angio follow ups due to location of my aneurysms and LOVE this option. ONE hour, yes, 1 hour of lying flat versus 4-6. Never a complication in at least ten, possibly more as I have had so many procedures over the last ten years.
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Do you know the brand name used on you? And, how many have you had?

My records show that I had devices; and, I was left in recovery those 4 hours.

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Hi Tammy...They used a closure on me...the last angio checkup I had, MINX...I only had to lay for 2 worked well, however, my groin blew up like a tent somedays later and they told me it was from the minx...closure...I go again in we shall see what they decide to use...

Thanks for the information...Colleen

Hi Tammy,

I also had a VIP on my 1st angiogram. I had to carry a numbered I.D. card for 90 days incase of an emergency. Not sure if the VIP was used for my 2nd & 3rd angiogram. Never thought to ask. Thanks for the link you posted. Jeanne

Hi Tammy,

You are certainly more experienced with these procedures that any one else that I've read about. I am still in awe of what you've been through.

I recently had an angiogram and they used a MINX closure device. Like you, I only was "flat" for about an hour and then was moved to recovery for 4 hours where I had a pillow under my head. The biggest concern of the nurses on the recovery floor was that pressure be applied to the site whenever I moved (in the hospital and for the next couple of days). Bed rest was prescribed when I went home until 24 hours after the procedure.

From what I remember, it seems to me that I had to take more precautions after this test using the closure device that I had previously. Having to carry around that card for 30 days "just in case" is a bit unnerving. The expulsion of the remnants of the device (~30 days later) wasn't very pleasant either. I admit that I was a bit on edge because of a problem that I had with absorbable sutures a few years ago. Thankfully, the closure device did not cause anything as bad as that.



Apologies for the delay in my response, I had to go back and look at my medical reports to be sure what device was used.

I too had the Minx device that some others have had in the replies. I also see a French perclose device in a couple of the records. Fortunately, I have not had any of the post-procedure problems others have indicated.

In reading the records over and thinking about it, I feel I need to add that for coiling procedures I was kept in the ICU overnight so I may have been too stoned from the anesthesia to care if I could move around or not afterward.

I do know that for the angio follow ups I had at most a two hour 'flat' period afterward and at least one of those times was due to occular migraines caused from a sensitivity I have acquired over the years to the contrast used during the angio.

Your doctors may have had a reason other than concerns about the puncture site to keep you longer.

I hope this answers your question.



I don't recall ever receiving a card for the device afterward and thankfully have not had any 'blow ups'. I too was given bedrest for 24 hours afterward and I normally try to do my angio on a Friday so I can relax over the weekend and back to work on Monday.

After so many years and advances in technology, sometimes I feel I've been a guinea pig but I am always thankful to have access to the advances and a doctor that always discusses everything in depth with pros and cons before we move forward with any of it.

When I think back to the early days of having someone practically stand on me to hold pressure for 20 minutes or more for each angio followed by 6 hours of lying on my back, I honestly don't know how I made it through it. Miserable is all I can say which is why I posted the link originally with hopes that maybe someone else would not have to deal with more misery.


Hi Tammy,

I'm confident that your posting will help a lot of people. It's always good to know what other options there are and what you can expect - both the positives and the negatives.

The technological advances with angiograms have definitely benefitted me. Having the angiogram through the groin is much more comfortable for me than the first ones that I had many years ago.

I have very small arteries and a good clotting factor. So, I don't recall having anyone hold pressure on me for an extended period of time. But, I have my own "horror stories". The earlier angiograms were done by inserting the needle into the arm or into the neck. I've had it done both ways. To get the needle in for the first angiogram I had, they must have tried a dozen times or more to get the needle inserted. They started with a nurse and then two doctors (or vice versa). They punched me so many times that once the needle was in place they took an x-ray of the site. I was told that my artery looked like a cover for the needle. Then, after the test, I had to lay flat for 24 hours! For this reason, I challenged the nurses the last month when they told me that I needed to lay flat for only one hour. I couldn't believe it!

Please continue to share. We can all benefit from your experience.

Take care.


I also have a closure. But mine is platinum just like the coils and is called a Star-Close. Guess I have so many implants one more to get me outta the hospital sooner didn't matter! =)

Tammy, you have had exceptional doctors and level of care.

You have been blessed...


Again, thanks for getting back; never worry about timing; we all get on/off with varying times.

I have virtually no memory of any of the treatments and an number of years following! Yes, they likely did have other reasons.


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Thanks for sharing!

I had the VIP closure and had to lie still for about 2 hours. I was given a card to carry for 90 days and have until the end of the month!

Thanks again for sharing.


i had an angio-seal that was like a piece of clear tape & a pea sized clot appears and after afew days you rip it off in the shower and it "plops" out-this was a little scary-they want to give you some "fear to go"!!!But when i went back no one knew what i was talking about when i asked about this product apparently they changed product but it was similiar-i thought i had to go back in the fall but they said i just needed the mra &Im not sure what happens next-i think another mra -anyway thank you oh yeah -i wonder if insurance will pay it sounds more expensive and really not necessary,i think i would pay though to get out of there early since they always want me down there at 5 am!!!!Also found it interesting that its recommended for coumadin takers like me!

Hi Tammy,

Just read your post, my wife Sue is going for her first angiogram tomorrow, after her SAH 6 months ago they told her she's got to stay in bed for 4 hours or so, this device sounds great. I know it's to late this time but something to ask about in the future. Thanks tammy Best Wishes John & Sue

Best of luck to Sue tomorrow! It can’t hurt for her to ask the doctor tomorrow, she might be pleasantly surprised.

I am scheduled for my first post angiogram 4 months after SAH, ruptured aneuysm coiled. They are going through the arm this time. The more I read, the more inclined I am to hit the cancel button on my patient portal. I can’t hold an IV because my veins are so narrow. Needle phobic doesn’t hold a candle to scapel phobic. Incisions are not on my bucket list.

I had an angiogram in February with the MINX closure too. Just so people know it is possible, I had a completely uneventful recovery from it. No new headache or neurological symptoms. Absolutely no bruising at the injection site (groin). Minimal pain at the injection site. I rode home in a car right after the procedure (6.5 hour ride) without problem. I was super surprised at how uneventful the whole thing was. During the procedure I had one weird episode of fireworks in my head and feeling myself pulling against the restraints, but I don’t even know if that really happened as I felt twilight-like during the procedure and there was nothing else I remember other than - “breathe in, hold it, breathe out” once it started.


I just had my angiogram on this past Wednesday with Mynx closure. I am feeling great today! Mild soreness and no bruising at the injection site but a couple of dime size bruises on my inner thigh. No other issues.

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I had an angioplasty for a heart stent last year through my wrist and I never knew when they made the incision. The incision is no bigger than a pinhead. It is the swelling and bruising from the compressor that may be an issue but mine healed perfectly with no problems. You will be just fine. I’m like you about needles and scaples. LOL

I had my 1 year angiogram yesterday, and they used the star closure device. They also used this last year in my post-surgical angio and I had no issues. I am feeling alot more this time around, as I am not in NeuroICU and on lots of meds post craniotomy. Not a ton of pain or anything, just a little sore and a (very rare for me) migraine yesterday I think from the contrast. Much better today!

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