Angiogram 11/6/2013

Had my one year MRI/MRA for clippings for 2 BA's. Results came back that there is something rather large in the area that is blocking the area of the clips so Neuro was unable to see the clips and he has no idea what this large thing is.

When I first found out that I had 2 BA's I took it all in stride, was very calm and confident that all would be fine. Now with this new finding I have become very anxious and concerned. First time I never even thought about my annies rupturing but this time, not even knowing if it is an annie, I constantly thinking about rupture.

Hopefully it is nothing. A little stressed about having another angiogram as with my first one they had problems getting the bleeding to stop. I am a tiny person so they said that the plug was not an option for me. Constant applied pressure with the nurse putting all of her weight on my groin for extended periods of time left me extremely bruised, sore and with a rather large lump there for weeks.

I'm sooo sorry to hear this Caroline! I know how stressful it can be. It's hard but try not to worry about what "might" be. Once they get in there and take a good look, you'll know exactly what you're dealing with. In the meantime stay positive and I will be praying for peace in your heart and mind. Please let us know the outcome.


hi caroline! yes me too-they had hard time , but last angio ok with the angio seal , will keep you in thoughts and prayers~~~

Prayers for an "easy" time this time with the angio and prayers that it will not be anything to worry about!!! God bless you!


sending you positive thoughts and prayers. I suspect that this angiogram will go easier for you, with less bleeding problems.

Praying for you Caroline, please keep us posted as you recover from angiogram.



All the best to you. I too had a hematoma with my first procedure and I needed a blood transfusion with my 2nd procedure. BA's are a difficult journey but we are lucky they were found, and that there are procedures and talented surgeons. We all need our share of good luck!