Hi everyone,My name is Anne.Here is my story.It started the in March of 2003 four days before my birthday.I was living with my sister and she was working.When my eye started crossing to the side of my head and drooping. My sister was worried and took me to this hospital close to where we lived .Well,this ER looked at me and send me home and saying it might be a sinus infection and if it don’t get better by Monday come back and get a CT scan.My sister and I went back home home .I was seeing this doctor for headaches and nerve problems.We called him and he told my sister to bring to another hospital.Good that he took us that because they admit me and took CT of my head and find 2 aneurysms.One on my left side of my brain that was 7mm and the other one is in the carotid cave of the internal cariod artery that size is 4mm on the right eye.The left aneurysm blew. They clipped that one I don’t remember the rest of it but couldn’t moved my body and had to wear a patch for my eye and couldn’t talk for a long time.the following year I was my old self again except my memory isn’t like it use to be.On Feburary,2004 I was having problems again.They took a CT scan and found another one on top of the one say clipped.That was also a 7mm.They went and coiled that one.I was okay to go home after a few days.I still have the one on the rightside in the that they cant get at. I also had my older brother had one ,they coiled his before it blew.He is fine It’s on my mom’s side of the family.Life goes on I guess J

Hi Anne,

Thanks for your story. You and you brother are among the very blessed survivors. Thanks be to God.

Yes, life does go on. It is up to us to make the best of it. May you never have to face another rupture.


I hope not.Still have one in the cavermous sinus space.Going to new dr today.

Hi is a long journey ... and my makes me so many of us were misdiagnosed at the ER...but glad eventually all worked out for the most definitely is a "day to day" challenge...

Hoping today is a good one for YOU...~ Cyber~thoughts and prayers your way ~ Colleen

hi Anne, how are you doing? Hope & Prayers of healing and improvement to you & yours,have a great day and thanks for sharing-i also hope this site is a blessing for you like it was for me-bye