Aneurysm Sizes and Clips

Hello everyone. My wife and I are new here to this site and we just have so many questions to ask as we want to get better acquainted with how and why these things occur. But I would like to start with what have been the sizes of your anuerysms and how many clips did it take to fix it?

My 9-year old son's aneurysm was 2.6 cm and it took 7 clips to fix it. The doctor at WVU Hospitals says he has never heard of that many, ever.

Yes, he was definitley clipped. It was located on the left main carotid artery and it was shaped kinda funny. But the doctor definitely said it took 7 clips to fix it. They put 3 clips (stacked) on it and it only showed 2/3 gone and they found the rest under the artery and put 4 ring clips on that and then it tested 100% gone, twice. I guess thats some sort of record, as he said he’s never heard of that many. They do a bunch of these, I think they did over 2,000 last year.

Not sure where you would see this note...I wrote this under Mary Crockett...wanted to Welcome you Jeff...!

Hi Jeff and Welcome...

God Bless your child...he it is truly a survivor and so are his caretakers...hence, you and your wife...glad he is doing good...

My story is similar...long story scan showed nothing...but MRI/MRA showed a big annie on my basilar tip...had my surgery in November...

One thing about is different for everyone and a long journey...I am 46 years old...and have some other health issues that have made things not so great at times...others are older and have much worse health issues and have struggled to heal...I like to think at 9 years old...he will heal beautiful and quickly...

Have a Beautiful day...and Cherish each moment...Colleen

Do you have a family history? Your son is so cute - I have an 8yr old son myself - it’s a great age. ANd you look like a great, loving dad. He’s a lucky boy to have you and your wife. I bet he bounces back just fine.

Welcome Jeff to you and your family,

There are a few other parents who have made connection on this site...may be wonderful for you all to connect. Prayers for your sos's recovery...

Sounds like your son is an overacheiver! :wink: I had a 6mm done and only got 2 clips. I have a 2.8 we are playing watch and wait with.

Hi Jeff. It sounds like your son is doing great and his youth will really help in his recovery. As a parent, I cannot imagine all you have been through. I had a 12 mm with 1 clip and then later a 4 mm daughter aneurysm that when it was clipped, the neurosurgeon took off the old reclipped the first and used a ring clip on the second. I really haven't figured it all out to this day. I am just glad I am fixed!

Hi Jeff and Wifey,


Cannot even begin to imagine what you guys went thru with your son, its hard enough to be a grown up survivor, but to be the parents of such a young survivor must have been soooo much tougher, Big hats off to all 3 of you, and twice tested 100% gone,,, yaaaay wooop wooop! I am the owner of 2 annes, tiny compared to your sons, but also on the carotid artery internal, one on the right, 8mm coiled inside the brain and one on the left 4mm watch n wait outside of the brain. I believe after reading all the blogs and wise advice on this forum that the recovery of an unruptured anne is hugely down to the individuals pre anne, age, fitness, and more importantly pro anne out look, and as parents I am sure that you guys took the brunt of the stress, so with lots of TLC and plenty of rest, lets pray he makes an easy peasy speedy recovery!!!!!!

Best Wishes


Hi Jeff and welcome to the site!

I can't imagin what you are going through with your son. I would have to belive that it is very hard when it's your child and so young. All my prayers go out to your son, you and your wife.



Thanks Gaynor and Kimberly. Just joining this site has educated us far more than we could ever know. It is so awesome to talk with other people who have had these. From what Ive read, I havent seen anyone who has or knows another one like my son’s (age-wise). 9 year olds shouldnt have to deal with things like this. But, having people to exchange stories, advice, etc… has made it a lot easier on my wife and I. Bryant is recovering SO fast. It hasnt even been 2 weeks yet since his surgery was done and he is like back to normal almost. We still have to remind him that cant do things yet. But the swelling is almost completely gone, stitches healing nicely, appetite is back, etc… I think that was the most stressful, dreadful, longest day of our lives. We just thank the Lord above for keeping Bryant with us and for allowing the surgeons to complete a very difficult surgery.

Jeff, A friend of mine in AZ had told me several years ago, that her minister's nephew, @ 9 years, had an aneurysm...I recently asked her for contact connection for other parents here...Ironically her minister had moved to another state and she had lost contact with him...she had told me about the 9 year old several years after mine had ruptured...So hope you conenct with the other parents thru this site...

I am so delighted to hear how well Byant is recovering...

Prayers for his continued recovery...for him and his parents' health!!!