Aneurysm and arteriovenous malformation definition

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors declared May 7, 2006 to be Aneurysm and Arteriovenous Malformation {AVM} Awareness Day in the City and County of San Francisco. I am linking the definition of AVM to the Mayo Clinic Staff because the Mayo Clinic Doctors care for people who have brain aneurysms, strokes, blocked carotid arteries and related diseases. Blessings.

wow this is reakly great…how can i go about doing this in my city? great things ur helping to make happen

Thanks Michelle for your comment. I discovered this Resolution yesterday. During the month of May 2006 when this AVM Awareness Day happened I was Blogging about the Katrina Disaster in New Orleans. So I was not aware. Will you support my efforts to implement our 1st Annual Memorial Walk for Brain Aneurysm Awareness that will be scheduled for June 18, 2011, as a Special Event on the Port Of San Francisco Waterfront property? Join our Group. We have eight members. Blessings Michelle!!

Hi Ernest -

I'm from N Ca (east bay) and would love to come for this event - just not sure given end of school year events here (I no longer live in Bay Area). But this is GREAT! Keep me posted please.

ernest, i have already joined ur group and although i live n texas i would love to do anything i can to help…:slight_smile:


Is this all related to the Aneurysm and AVM Foundation (TAAF) in your area?

TAAF has its annual walk in May... what I (vaguely) remember is that their initial research is geared at AVM...tho their website has a lot of data... for both AVM and aneurysms.

For anyone wanting to know more... it is for anyone wanting to view more...

Thank you for jogging my memory on TAAF...


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