An unruptured aneurysm, which has opened slightly at the neck of aneurysm


I have recently just joined BAF, and have been so moved,by other members, stories, and have also been very encouraged, by peoples great attitudes.

I myself have 7 aneurysms, in total, one of which ruptured, in 2002, which I am glad to say, I feel fully recovered from, and feel very lucky.

However 4 years ago, one of the aneuryms, had grown, which i received coiling for, but 2 years ago following my angiogram, the surgeons, noticed an opening in the neck of this aneurysm, previously coiled, and i went through another op, with a view to more coils being inserted, and a stent placed in too, however this wasnt successful, and the extra coiling and stent had to be removed. I have not had further surgery on this, and am left knowing i have this opening in the neck of the aneurysm,and sometimes scares me. The surgeons, told me the opening wasnt quite as wide, as they originally thought and would just monitor me, via angiograms, the next one of which im due this year.

The reason i am writing all of this, is to ask anyone, who has something similiar, or experienced the same thing, if you had any troubles, with this prior to more surgery, and if so, what symptoms, you may have had prior to the troubles, as im experiencing a lot of sharp pains, in certain areas of my head, frequently lasting a few seconds to mins at a time, and also, a lot of pain on the top and back of my eye, and a very stiff neck down the one side, im just a bit unsure if i should bother my doc, or if this is some sign, i should.

If anyone has any input, id appreciate your feed back. thank you