Living with an unruptured aneurysm

Over the past month, as I’ve tried to get used to this unruptured aneurysm that I have, I’ve noticed little things and its hard for me to tell whether they are from the SAH and coiling 4 years ago or from the newest aneurysm. It’s hard to tell what to be concerned about and what not to be concerned. I know there are quite a few on this forum that have both treated and untreated aneurysms and I wonder how you distinguish between them. For example, sometimes I get a tightness that is not a headache but is more like the grogginess you get with a mild hangover.

I get the tightness…I have always compared it to a balloon that is perfect, then the extra puff makes it tight…
Had that for years before ruptures…did have headaches on/off, too…the ache would stop, but not the pressure. Never tested / diagnosed.
Do ask your neurolgoist…check the names of the arteries, where the new aneurysm is, and the prior treated one. The circle of Willis diagram provided by the BAF site may help you understand what the neuro is explaining…
And, ask which lobes, nerves, etc may be affected by pressure in the areas where the aneurysms are located.

Thank you, I will. I meet ak him. I meet with the neurologist on Wednesday. I have a whole list of symptoms I want to review with him. I’ll also make sure I have a list of questions.