Am I being too optimistic?

After reading some of the comments about recovery, I'm wondering if I'm being too optimistic. My stent and coil surgery is Mon, Apr 23 -- I plan to be off of work for that week and go back on Apr 30 (or at least work from home that week). Have others been able to get back to work quickly? I work in IT so it's a desk job (nothing physical). My dr feels I will be up and running around in a few days without issue. Thanks!

Lynne, it would be great if you could provide yur time off, fatigue, etc...

There are so few of you who have no issues; well, at least few who share them...

Good to be optimistic...and take it "one day at a time" Jim said...everyone is different...just be sure not to over do ... Gotcha in my thoughts ~ Colleen

Thanks to all of you for your replies. I felt great after the angio so am hoping I will be the same with the coil and stent but you're right Paula...I will not be a hero (I tried that after my stroke and it didn't work well!). I will take it one day at a time. Sometimes I get real nervous and think about all the "bad" that can happen and other days, I feel fine with the choice I've made but I guess that comes with the territory. Thanks for listening and for your comments...I really appreciate it!

Hi Lisa

I had a coiling 7 weeks ago and have started work as a lecturer- very tiring but you should be ok. I found in the first week that I had sight hiccups, especially with bright light or computer screens though, and adjusted light settings.

Maybe you should take time off from work for a week or so longer? Just a personal suggestion...

I shall keep you in my prayers Lisa



Jo, do you mean attorneys do not "work"...or that you are retired? Bring on your smile ...I need lots of them...


Lisa, pray for your response on your recovery as each day passes...I was coiled...and, stented"off-label" and "off-record" med-team promoted my returning to work; including signing the form for me to re-apply for my drivers license needed for my work...for public safety, please watch / monitor all aspects of returning to work.

Forgive me below "above" for noting Lynne, not Lisa...yes, my memory is short...

Prayers for quality treatment and quality recovery and our receiving your updates.


Lisa, I agree with Jim & Colleen, it depends on the individual, also i think it depends on whether your annie is ruptured. Mine ruptured & it has been 18 mos & just now have started back to work. I, personally, think age is a factor of recovery. I'm one of the old people. Just don't rush it & get lots of rest. Listen to your body & brain.

Hi Lisa, I think this might be too soon, but we all are different, after my SAH last year I found being on the computer a bit of a strain and only ever got back to 5 hours a day until my coiling and stenting last week, I found being on the computer for great lengths of time quite difficult and the source of many a headache, healing hugs, Jill xxx