I know it's only been 10 weeks sence my rupture and coiling, but I have noticed that I can't complete not one thing, without getting distracted and starting on something else.....Is this common or is there anyone out there that can relate?

I didn't have a rupture, but I did have two aneurysms clipped in July. I found myself very easily distracted for quite a while. I had to laugh at myself one night. I had gumbo in the fridge & wanted to put it on the stove to reheat for supper. I finally managed to get it on the stove the 3rd time I got up to do it. The other two times, I got up walked into the kitchen...and then did something else...

I find I'm still not quite able to focus as well as I was prior to surgery. At school, I email myself reminders for things to do during my conference period or after school, tell the kids to remind me of things (like printing things for them or checking their practice tests on their independent reading books) and I end up 1/2 way to the copy room, realize I forgot something & turn around & head back to the classroom.

omg…me too its driving my family crazy…my attention span is nill. For someone who could read a book a week, I have been unable to finish one. Theonly thing that I can finish …i color 1 picture a night from a Christmas coloring book someone bought me, but thats it…I had my clipping on aug 14th 2011.I am currently trying to finish 3 books

That was one of the reasons my left her job. It was like Groundhog Day over and over again - she kept redoing the same projects she was familar with but wasn’t able to start or complete anything new. In a Human Resources job that’s not a good thing! Seventeen years later she’s slowly beginning to improve. I don’t believe it’s ADD, it probably has to do with the way the brain must rewire itself due to the surgery. As her surgeon told us, the surgery would cause brain damage simply because just the slightest movement would sever neuron pathways.


if its only been 10 wks ur def still in the early recovery it seems to be exactly that..i went to our neighborhood grocery store about 8 mo after my rupture n coiling..i wanna tell ya i didnt know where n the hell i a couple of seconds the old noodle started kicking in n i realized wat store i was at n then took my booty was around 9:30..past my bed time n i think early on while our brains are still n the recovery stages it likes to go blank if we try n think about something too is funny..n i actually recall doing this before my anny incident...i was 41 n oct 09...i just tell myself to not take anything too seriously n be able to laugh at n my 2nd yr of anny freedom..doing great, i still forget wat i walk n to a room for sometimes, but its not the end of the goes on and thank the good Lord above ..were still here,,we need a little tweeking, but good God o mighty were alive...wishing you a long life of love,health n happiness...take care n God bless

I love to read too but it takes forever to finish one book. I do tend to do better on the ipad, I don’t know if its because it’s lighted or what? you and I are just a few days apart, my rupture was the 10th of aug, coiling on the 11th. I sure hope I get better, was wondering if I needed medicine for ADD or what? Hope things get better for you as well!

LOL I am so afraid I’ll never be “normal” again…

awwww hunny,(im from texas) i think we all look at it as the NEW normal. u will come to terms with the quirky n funny things you do…but most of all, its the gratitude for every little thing around you. looking at life in a different way. just remember to never give up on getting better, a place in your mind where you can sit back and say"I FEEL PRETTY DERN GOOD, LIFE ISNT AS BAD AS I THOUGHT IT WAS" you will reach it. keep your mind focused on positive things…it takes some a lil longer than others because we all recoop n our own individual way…just pleas3 dont rush it as setbacks are soon to follow…slow n easy…listen to that brain of yours n rest every chance you get…dont be worried…weve went thru the hard stuff…a ruptured anny isnt suppose to leave anyone behind…so the fact that we are still alive n kicking is awesome…the rest will gradually get better…hope this helps…take care sweety n try not to worry God has got u by the hand and will not leave ur side…making sure you get n stay well…it just takes time…ttyl seems there is something else I realize.

My ruptured aneurysm was 1 year and 2 months ago. It was clipped and I am doing really good now......but now that you mention completing things ....I have this problem...and do this constantly. Things do get done....just not in a timely matter...and sometimes I forget about the first thing I was doing...and I am already on the third thing.

But...eventually I remember and it does all get done.....

We are o.k. ....we are unique and we "survived"...

wow Michelle,do you even realize how much comfort you bring me..thank you soooo much, you are an angel

Hi Charlotte, I had my rupture on february, 2009, I fully recovered, but it takes some time.
For some months I had some memory issues, may be’ related also to the antiepilectil medicines.
Take your time, and take care of you.

what a great attitude

ur an angel annette, that makes my heart feel good if i can help anyone whos had to go thru this ordeal…prayers n love coming ur way!

Hi Annette, My name is Brenda. I’m sorry to hear that. That must be frustrating. My Mom is scheduled to have a coiling to one of the two anuerysm. It’s 6mm. Is this a possible side affect from the clipping?

Hi Charlotte,

There is a letter posted in the forum called A letter from your brain. I urge you to read it and maybe that will help you understand that recovery from brain surgery takes time! You need to rest when your body and your brain tell you that you need it and you need to listen! Don't try to overdo it, as it will only impede your recovery. You are the most important part of your recovery, so take care of you!

I wish you well in your "new after annie" life journey that you are just beginning.

Best wishes,

Hi Charlotte. I'm new to this forum but my rupture occurred nearly 7 years ago on January 17, 2005. I have had the same issue, but it has definitely gotten better. I'm doing a masters degree in educational policy studies and find it extremely challenging for a number of reasons, but the biggest one is staying on task and getting distracted when trying to read or write something. I've been fortunate to find a faculty and department at my university that recognized my difficulties and gives me some extra leeway in completing assignments. One of my biggest realizations in this whole journey was gaining an understanding of how my son must have felt going through school with a diagnosis of ADHD. Before this happened, I don't think I ever really appreciated how difficult it had been for him. He dropped out at 15-yrs-old (he's now 20) and the biggest thing that keeps me going in trying to finish this degree is to show him that it is possible to be successful at school given time and the right circumstances.

To compensate, I often write notes to myself and I keep a journal of just daily activities. I make lists of everyday things I've completed in a day and lists of things that still need to get done. It helps. And I forced myself to start to read again. I've always loved to read and couldn't do stick to a book for probably the first year because I was too easily distracted and would get tired quickly. Sometimes it would take me months to read a book because I would have to go back and read parts over, but as time went on it got easier, and I can now read much more quickly and easily.

Good luck on your does get better.

Hi Sarah! I know what you mean about understanding your son and his ADHD, I have a 6 year old daughter that has ADHD. And I am kind of understanding the attention part of it, I by no means have the HYPER part of it! LOL. I wish I did at times, As it is now I have days of getting NOTHING accomplished AT ALL! I tend to be a lil more active at night, and that drives my husband crazy! But I have to do what I can when I feel like doing it or nothing will be done! I know he is right of course that I need to sleep at night but I just cant do anything during the day! Best of luck to you and your family! :slight_smile: Thanks for the encouragement!

This is a long journey toward accepting a new normal…it takes time and lots of rest…Cyber Thoughts and healing your way, Colleen