Memory loss

It’s hard to believe it’s been this long since I’ve looked at this sight. I have other health issues and struggle with severe back pain. I have had a fusion on my lower back several years ago and I have been struggling a lot lately with that now. Life is grand…LOL. But besides that, I have noticed that my memory is getting real bad lately and I don’t know if this is something to do with my brain aneurysm or not. I would like some input on this please.

While it seems many of us deal with varying degrees of memory loss after surgery, I don't know if your specific concern is. I suppose it can depend on many factors and can be discussed with your doctor. In my case I do have to write myself to do lists daily. Alot of little tricks to remember where I'm going or parking or buying. My neurosurgeon stressed the importance of my learning a musical instrument and new language every 3-4 years to keep regenerating brain cells. I thought he was kidding until he looked at me seriously and said 'no really'. I'm sorry about your newest struggles.

I too have severe short term. Had Annie bust in dec 2012. Found out I had 4. Had 2 repaired then by coiling another repaired in February by clipping and have one coiling let to do. I really thought at this point it would be so much better. People say oh I forget things all the time but don’t understand the difference. I tell people mine is different. If you forget something u look in your mind and u know it’s there u just can’t bring it to the surface, when I look in my brain nothing is there. People don’t get it. I leave myself notes but forget to check the notes. Frustrating

Tammy same thing for me too! I actually get a little annoyed when someone tells me 'oh that happens to me all the time it's our age'. I think to myself...nooooo, I just can't seem to find the data in my brain sometimes. And the notes, I started putting them on my phone with an alarm because I was losing the paper ones too.

My problem too. Your right its different than others forgetting things. Yes, it can be frustrating too.

I had a rupture and 2 strokes. Coiling procedure, Clipping, another coiling procedure. Im a 5 year survival with lots of issues but LIVING LIFE and THANKING GOD!!

Hi Deborah .. it is good to see a discussion from you. I am so sorry for all you are going through. Memory is not an issue for me, so I am no help. Wishing you a Beautiful Friday ~ Colleen

Tammy and Elena, I do the same things. I put my to do list in my iPad with alarms too. Otherwise I will forget to look at my the list. It can be very frustrating when people say that they forget things, too. It really isn't the same at all.

Deborah, So happy to see you on the site. You have gone through so much, I am very sorry. I was having an issue with my memory loss after conversations. It was strange I could carry on a conversation and 5 min later have no recollection of the conversation at all, even when reminded of what it was about. This didn't happen every time, just periodically. As it turns out I was having Complex Partial Seizures. I could talk and look completely normal, just check out sometimes. I hope that you and your doctors can figure out why your memory has gotten worse.

Take Care,

~ Carol

Thank you Colleen and God Bless. Glad you are doing well.

harlylena, thank you for your input. I actually play guitar and sang on a Worship team. I’m in the process of changing Churches and hoping to get back into it again. I get so frustrated and worry about my job. I’m an office manager for a Periodontal practice and have to have my wits about me. I catch myself faking it thru the day sometimes. I am so thankful I’m alive and I still go fishing with my grandson every chance I get. Take care and God Bless.

Wow Tammy you have been thru a lot. It is so true about the notes. I forget where I put them or even that I wrote them. I never seem to get straight answers when I ask questions. Is it uncommon to have complications or reacurring aneurysms? I am getting headaches again but not severe. I don’t know if I’m worrying too much. This stinks!!! LOL

oh yes! the memory issue is definately a product of our many brain issues. I have "lost memory" after my 2nd rupture in March 2011. (Can't remember the 1st rupture in 1988, much less the recovery, except that is was several years) :) However, I know keep a MEMORY BOOK. Yep, a daily journal of what i do. and yes, i am dedicated it this journal. If not, I wouldn't be able to tell ya what I ate for dinner last night. My Memory book, just a spiral type notebook, logging what I do, say, what's said, blah blah, everyday. Seems like a pain in the A__. But its NOT. I refer to it daily! Makes me feel less crazy! Yeah, its a little time consuming, etc. BUT, I'd rather know what I did! for example holidays! relying on my memory, NOPE, nothing. Looking in my Memory book, its all there! Love it! Just a tip from 26 years of dealing with this. Try it. Pick a pretty notebook, colorful pens.. It helps

I have a problem where I miss seconds of my life. Anyone one else? Carol does this sound familiar. Also going for second coiling on the 10thwould love prayers had to type this twice cause somehow hit wrong button and erased all of it!!!

sorry to hear about the pain Deborah but After an Anuersym that part of the Brain which was damage is mainly to do with the memory…My memory is so bad I have to write thing down twice to remember. So my suggestion is to have a notebook with Color,or some color pens.Sounds Childish but it Helps Deborah

Hi Deborah,

Sorry you are having this issue, we can all relate. Since it seems to be getting worse lately, have you changed medication recently that could be contributing to the memory loss. I know some medications for me have had that side affect.

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