Have learned a lot by looking at the e-mails from all of you. I had cluster headaches for 3yrs.

straight, gave myself shots was on a lot of pain pills that did not help then hey would go away

for allmost a yr. I wander if that had anything to do with my ruptured aneurysm? They would be so bad wake me up from a dead sleep the pain was do bad could have put my fist through a wall, the shot would take 5min. to stopthe pain,that was hard that much pain and shaking trying to get the shot ready and stick it in my thigh. I still get headaches but not as bad thank goshwill the headaches go away?txs DL

Hi David...again Welcome to the be honest...I am not sure about the Headaches going away question...unless you find the thing that works for you...and as you know this can take so long...

I really only had headaches once in awhile...but when I got that bad one...I remember wanting to put my head through the I understand that awful headache...I was told by my neurosurgeons that this was the brain aneurysm leaking...but after I was coiled they told me for up to 6 months I may continue with bad headaches...well I did for about 3 months then each month got only about once a month...mine are controlled by my Bp meds and feriocet when they are at their worse...if I stay on top of meds I can get rid of...but you have to be careful of meds...they can give "rebound headaches" and/or cause, I cannot take Nexium or any of those same meds for my hiatal hernia and gastritis because they give me the worse you see ... much is "trial and error"... some here have had great results with may want to check with others...wishing you a day that is Headache free...Thoughts out to you Colleen

THANKS FOR THE INFO. WHAT IS COILED,I have tremmers bad on my left side when i drove i would sit on my left hand it got so bad, hard to find a job these days w the keyboard txs D.L.

Click below to Mayo Clinic and see Coiling for Brain aneurysm...

What type did you have...??? Pipeline, Clipping, etc.,