As in the occasional drink. Like literally one drink (8 oz max) maybe 4-6 times a month… What are your thoughts on this? I’ll be headed to Dallas next Tuesday morning for my second follow up post surgery, and I’ll ask my surgeon of course… But I was curious on who has restrictions with drinking, what restrictions are they?

If you have drank since your surgery (I was clipped) do you feel it has a different effect on you now? How so? I’m just very curious as to how these aneurysms/operations/treatments can change our lives.

Here I am at 24, and if you had told me on my birthday (this past December) that in 6 months,I’d be sitting on a brain aneurysm website forum asking these questions, or going to see a neurosurgeon who operated on my BRAIN to save my life, I would’ve probably laughed at you! In disbelief “Nah, that could never happen to me… What is an aneurysm?” But here I am, praise God! Recovering everyday.

It’s Summer, I’m young, and I’d like to have a drink (maybe two–but no 6 drinks like I used to do sometimes–on July 4, my favorite holiday!

Let me know what you know :slight_smile: thank you for your time!

The only medicine I was prescribed from my surgery is Norco 10/325 which I haven’t taken since March except half of a pill a few weeks ago. Besides that, I take albuterol for my asthma as needed, Claritin every now & then for allergies, and protonix for acid reflux, but I haven’t finished that prescription because I want to see how my body reacts off of an acid medication. It’s okay, so far. My primary doctor put me on Prilosec for 3 months after I kept having reflux/heartburn for about a week after I first came home. Those 3 months are up, but I’ve had some,breakthrough heartburn at times. Had to cancel my gastroenterology appointment because my insurance is maxed out for the year, & I can’t afford to pay for the visit out of pocket, plus I bet he’d want to run tests on me & those are costly! I know alcohol can aggravate acid reflux, so maybe I’ll stay away from it for that reason… I’ll still ask my surgeon though & update everyone. :slight_smile: thank you!

Thank you, Jo! I don’t really know my discharge instructions… They just told me things to watch for. But never that I couldn’t do this or that. I hope my surgeon is ready for an ear full! I need to write down all of my questions so I don’t forget like I did last time. Haha. But I’m glad you can enjoy a nice drink now & then. That’s all I want, just something occasional :slight_smile: I love Moscato chilled ice cold! If you like white sweet wines, try that one! I hear you, though… I can’t hang like I used to haha. It’s funny because I’m so young, but I never was a big party person… So turning in early wouldn’t bother me! I’m usually the “mama bear” at the parties anyways, so no big deal.

I have an AVM (unruptured, being treated with Gamma Knife radiation) in addition to clipped aneurysms. Because of the AVM, my surgeon told me 2 things to avoid seizures: avoid sleep deprivation & don't get falling down drunk.

My max was 2 drinks prior to diagnosis & surgery. Now, especially with taking Nortriptylene, one drink is plenty (or more than enough) to go with dinner.

Hi Robin, My drink consumption went down considerably after my SAH Feb 2011, though I still enjoyed the odd glass of wine or two, I had coiling of a second aneurysm in March this year and am on blood thinners so cannot drink alcohol (it's tough celebrating your birthday with flavoured water) until they take me off those at around the 3 month mark, so roll on June, I enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner or when out with friends, my wine of choice is dry (pinot), enjoy your day, Jill xxxxxxx