After surgery activities

How long after your surgery did everyone do some of the following, I'm already getting really restless.


Lift wieghts



Drink alcohol



I feel like I could do all of these today, but i know that is a bad idea. Just curious how long it was before others did these things.

Hi Natan,
I’m very happy on your surgery outcome, very good.
After 3 months following my rupture and coils I came back to’ the gym ( my rupture was in the gym early morning).
In 4 or 5 months I started again running, and 5 months later more or less I got the PED.
After 2 weeks from the PED surgery I sterted again running for 6-7 km a day.
My doctor said I can do everything, without any problem.
Take care of you.

Nathan-I am restless as well. I lived a very active life prior to surgery, but am taking everyone’s advice and I am resting. I never had any headaches prior to surgery, but now have one that keeps me in bed, UGH. I will wait for follow up appointment 4 weeks from surgery before venturing to do more physical activities, other than walking my dog to and from the beach, but I did have a glass of wine the other night! It is very important to make sure the angio site is fully healed prior to undertaking anything requiring exertion…and I would definitely ask your doctor these questions. You don’t want to do anything too soon and suffer a set back. Slow and steady wins this race! Best to you!


"No contact sports" while on Plavix--that's in the medical notes with my prescription. So, I'd take it easy with the snowboarding, probably. I have been exercising regularly (since 1 week after surgery), but I really limit the weights. My doctor said no heavy lifting for the first month. As for alcohol, I think that is fine, as well (as long as you don't drink enought to fall and hurt your head :)). It's tough not knowing...I think you just have to know your own limits.

Hi Nathan!!!
Am so glad you are feeling so well after your surgery! You do have one thing on your side that most of us don't and that is your age!!! Being young such as yourself, I am sure will be a big help in your healing much faster and stronger than most of us. Please just remember one thing, you have just had brain surgery!!!!! Listen to your brain and your body and don't do anymore than it tells you is ok!!

I tell everyone that somewhere in te forum is a Letter From Your Brain. Read that letter it will help you put into perspective everything that is happening to you!
Best of wishes for your continued healing and your upcoming journey to the new you!



Cece, how long did your headaches last after surgery? I’m 2 weeks and a day out today was first day without a headache… Hope there done any advice???

Mike-am so sorry to reply so long after your initial inquiry! Haven't been on here in awhile. I had headaches for about 7-10 days. Also had gold flashes in my vision, keep swatting at them like they were bugs! Drove me nuts! I just drank a ton of water to flush out the chemicals and took minimal pain meds and rested, rested, rested. After 2 weeks, felt perfectly normal, but tired easily. Christmas was looming and had my first grandbaby and son's family coming in, plus 2 other college aged sons at home, so really had to conserve my energy for the important things. If I over exerted myself, would get a bit of a headache, so would just go to bed. But, I have had absolutely none since. Have had the gold flashes, after returning to work and working too many days in a row. Probably from computer and eye strain ( I work at a title company ), but am blessed to have the flexibility to say, "I need to stay home tomorrow!" Then I don't do "brain" work, but I do non-brain work, such as laundry, walk my dogs on the beach, etc...My brain can only handle part-time work still! And I think that has a big thing to do with me not having the headaches, never did have them and am thankful I am not plagued with them as so many other people seem to be. Hope this helps, and hope you are feeling much better by now. Just remember to rest and listen to your body and your brain. Oh, and tons of water....the walks on the beach also help to calm me, again, I am very blessed! Best to you in your recovery!