Exercise post non-ruptured clipping surgery

What is a realistic time one can start resuming exercise? My passion is yoga - will this even be an option for me? Does anyone have any experience, information or resources about practicing yoga after this procedure?

I went back to the gym doing weights and cardio after 3 weeks but started walking after less than 1 week. My doctor said I could do anything j wanted whenever I felt ready.

PS. I am. 65 years old. Had an unruprured aneurysm.

I think yoga will be perfect, I’m no expert but I have been told by a few family members to try it but to date I have not.
I get frustrated as I always used to run 6 miles everyday and kept myself reasonably fit.
I find now swimming really helps me at the moment and I take it nice and easy but not to easy.
Take care and try the yoga but speak to you Dr first to get there thought on exersize.

I had a clipping surgery last October and I was also very interested in yoga. I practiced at least three times per week before my diagnosis and I was too scared to do it before surgery, knowing that I had the unruptured aneurysm(I had a three month wait for surgery). My neurosurgeon said no restrictions at all- yoga was fine- but just listen to your body, especially during inversions, because you can get dizzy. It took me many months to muster up the courage to start again, but I’ve started with simple poses, no long held inversions, and absolutely no headstands or plow pose(these are my own self imposed restrictions btw!).

Regarding other exercise, I started walking about four days after surgery- it actually really made me feel better and cleared my head. I walked every day for at least 30 mins. After about a month(and my first post surgical follow up) I started with light weights and elliptical. It really makes you feel empowered when you can take control back and not be afraid!

May SAH happened 2/24/15. 3 weeks in ICU. But by mid-May I was participating in bicycle events of up to 100 miles and continue to do so
As for yoga, I would be cautious about inverted poses
Consult with your yoga instructor as well as your MD especially if you have high blood pressure

My wife had a ruptured aneurysm and went back to yoga as soon as she was able. Her doctor just said to be extremely careful about inversions. She also has a shunt. While he says there are no studies about inversions and increased pressure, he advised against. My wife still does inversions, although no headstands and only holds for a few breaths. More because she's stubborn than anything else. That said she's had no complications and feels great doing the yoga.

I was told to avoid inverted postures for awhile. I started out with Tai Chi for relaxation and exercise. A year later I am starting with a personal trainer for HIT and do some yoga just avoid downward dog which I was not fond of and do pilates.

hello. i had a rupture brain annie and i went back to yoga as soon as i was able. however, i tend to avoid doing any positions where i am upside down, such as downward dog.

as far as exercising, i do not do any heavy cardio, such as "jumping jacks" and i only do speed walking in regards as oppose to running/jogging now.

My son Koby (16yo) had a ruptures aneurysm in 2014. He was a swimmer before, and continues to swim competitively. However, he noted that his balance was off for awhile and his endurance low due to at times overwhelming fatigue. This has gradually lessened over time, and exercise improves his mood and his ability to overcome his fatigue. I think the low-impact exercises are wonderful for you, but follow your body's lead and be patient....easier said than done! :o)

I had an unruptured aneurysm clipped three years ago. I started walking a few weeks after surgery and slowly built up my strength. Now I do whatever I want without much worry. I lift weights and do a lot of running. Actually running a half marathon next week.
Listen to your body and do what you feel comfortable. It feels great to get back to exercising!
Take care.

Had a rupture back in 97…have had 8 brain surgeries As a result. I do the elliptical for 15 min, the treadmill for 30 and the bike for 30. Incidentally I was at the gym when my Annie ruptured…

Hi Wendy,

I believe it depends on how long ago you had your surgery and always double check with your doctor. I had my Brain-Aneurysm clipping in 1990 and at that time weighted in at 110lbs. Concerning the exercise I had to wait one year. After that year I had no problem doing different exercise. Presently, I walk 2-5 miles a day and work out in the gym twice a week because I like the out doors better for exercise. Stay healthy.

I had a ruptured Annie in November. I started exercising in January and had another coiling in March. I was back to exercising in April. I now do yoga two times per week, lift weights two times per week, and walk daily. The exercise helps me sleep and relieve stress. My doctor does not restrict me at all. I still use a rollator to walk and this exercise has assisted my balance.

The only restrictions I was given were to not to lift anything heavy, strain, or exert myself to the point I was breathing heavily. YMMV. I think it depends on your neurosurgeon's practice and their estimate of your risk of re-rupture. Because of the daily fatigue, though, I save my energy for what I need to do around the house or walking to do the shopping. Then, it's the afternoon siesta!

Hi Wendy, I had rupture coiled over 4 years ago, clipped with complications almost 2 years ago, so still recovering & limitations. I’ve also had vertigo & balance problems. I used to do yoga regularly too. I couldn’t do yoga for months after my surgery, then was told not to do inverted poses nor any downward facing poses. I still see my occupational-physical therapist as needed & she went thru my yoga dvd with me, helping me modify downward poses. Now I’m happy to be doing modified yoga twice a week. Patience, determination, hope helps this long journey! I wish you well :slight_smile:

I had a ruptured one and a clipping. I was out of hospital in three weeks and started walking almost right away. I do about 5 miles per day now. The most important thing is to listen to your body. I tried Pilates about 3 months after and it didn’t go well. It’s been almost 3 years and now I walk, yoga but I don’t do weights because of the feeling of pressure I get. I’m feeling great and the power walks help reduce stress for me.

I had 2 non-ruptured annies clipped, and was at dance class 4 weeks later. (My surgeon knows I study Middle Eastern dance & told me I could do what I felt well enough to do when I went in for my 2 week checkup.)

I will say that first class absolutely exhausted me. It was a Zambra Mora class, and we spent most of that class working on hands, arms, and skirt work, so it wasn't a high impact class with lots of movement.

I'm also crazy enough that I went to dance class 3 days after an angiogram & Gamma Knife Radiation last summer.(I also have an active AVM) I had to modify some of the movement that day, but was able to keep up with the Saidi cane choreo we were learning.

I had a unruptured right side clipping 2 years ago. I started walking, after surgery. Once I was cleared by my physician I would walk 2-3 miles. I just love walking outdoors. Sometimes I do speed walking and that feels really great.

First, have your physician clear you and start out slow until your body tells you that it can do more. Enjoy yourself but be careful.

thank you all sp very much! this is the exact real life experience information I was looking for. I am experiencig significant vision issues and am seeing the nuero optomologist next week, so while I have been walking since 2 weeks after surgery, I have to be accompanied. once I get this vision thing corrected I am glad to hear that yoga will definitely be an option, with modifications. I am meeting with my surgeon next week so hope to get more info. I am so glad I asked the question and am so grateful you all shared your stories. Thank you!