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After side effects

What after side effects have you had after surgery and as time went on? Do your family see anything about you that have changed?

I think you’re asking what long term symptoms do we have. It’s quite a bit different for those who rupture and those who don’t, those who have the less invasive coiling and those that have craniotomy.

Then you have the folks that had hydrocephalus, vasospasms, ischemic strokes on top of the SAH. Lasting effects depends on the part of the brain that was damaged and is not the same for everyone, even if the exact same part has been damaged. No one’s brain is the same

I used to rarely speak and weighed everything I said before I said it. Now we never know what’s going to pop out. Photophobia and other sensory overload issues, migraines were almost constant the first several years. Fatigue, foreign accent syndrome, aphasia, stutter and tremor.

Not really sure what your wanting, can you be a bit more specific?

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Hey Sharquita,
Ohh yea, lots of things have changed, somethings I can recognise myself, but then some I don’t but others around me see. Personally I found this really difficult. I had a close friend tell me I had changed and I exploded at him telling him he was wrong. I now believe my reaction was actually because he was right and I didn’t want to acknowledge it. These changes were difficult for others to understand, but I have to say here, they were a hell of a lot more difficult for me to comprehend too.

I actually caught 2 family members having a conversation about me and the changes in me. I wasn’t in the same room, but heard it all and I found this really insulting. I told them individually that I know things have changed but please talk to me about the changes. If I’m unaware I want to know directly and not via ‘Chinese whispers’. People talking behind my back doesn’t help.

I must also agree with Moltroub, those changes can be VERY individual. The brain is a very individual piece of equipment. 2 people can have exactly the same injury in exactly the same place but have VASTLY differing outcomes and therefore no recovery is going to be exactly the same either. Trying to compare is near on impossible.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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Welcome!I know one thing it helps so much to have so many that understand what your going through.
The old saying "one day at time"sometimes easier said; than done.Good wishes!

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