Advice -- can it be too small?

I am scheduled for an angeogram

I didn’t send my entire note… let me try again. I am scheduled for an angiogram on Monday with the coiling embolism on Tuesday…but the doctor says it’s too small between 3 and 4 mm and he doesn’t recommend it. But I told him I don’t want to live with the risk of it rupturing. He said there is a risk of a rupture during the procedure. But I feel there is a risk of it rupture without it. Please share your thoughts.

I recently had an 8mm coiled and there is still an 3mm on the communitcating artery. That was July 30. On October 27, I will be having another angio to make sure the coiling was successful, and that the 3 mm is not growing. I was told by my dr., that the 3mm probably won’t get any larger at my age, 59. I will get another angio some time next year. The dr., plans on watching the 3mm, where it is at, it could be more of a problem with correcting it, than just leaving it alone and watching it. If it starts getting bigger then the dr., would address that.

You said repairing the 3 mm could be more of a problem with correcting it than just leaving it alone… did they explain that? I know my doctor said it could rupture during the coiling, but my attitude is that it could rupture without the coiling. I read on this site that someone had a 2 mm rupture. Your thoughts?

I have a 3mm annie behind the left eye. Coiling carries a 1-2 % risk of mortality. The annie has a .05% chance of rupture over a 5 year period. A very small annie can be difficult to coil simple because it is so small. Less risk leaving it. I have had ct angios every 6 months with no growth or change.

I wish my doctor had explained that to me a week ago…I am suppose to go for a angiogram in the morning… maybe I should cancel.

I have a 5mm behing my left eye. I can watch it or fix it. I have been debating what I should do because I too am afraid of rupture. You sai you have had ct angios every 6 months. How long have you been doing this. When was the annie first discovered. Thanks. Mary

Mine was only 4 mm, and I did have it fixed two weeks ago and I don’t regret it. The doctor said he personally would not have done the proceedure, but he gave me a choice and I decided to fix it. After, a nurse expressed my feelings. He said it’s like a ticking time bomb in your head, and we just defused it. I am back to doing everything, working out, driving, working. I’m very lucky

I had a small posterior communicating artery aneurysm 3x4mm clipped 6 weeks ago, I have done well. I chose not to have the coiling, the neuro doc was concerned because I have a vascular disease that weakens the arteries. I'm very glad I had it done, when the doctor got to it, he said it was very thin and the blood was swirling through it. I feel I made the right decision .

It's great to hear the success stories. Carol, I'm so glad to hear you are doing so well. We all have a lot to be grateful this holiday season!

I have a 4 mm x 3 mm deep in the brain. It’s inoperable because of the shape…can’t be coiled, because of where it is…can’t be clipped, it will cause a massive stroke! I had a stroke during clipping surgery Oct 07 ! I have 2/3 use of my left side. It was small stroke… The neuro said I would be a vegetable…with a stroke now~~!! I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING NOT TO LIVE WITH THIS BOMB IN MY HEAD! I wish oh i wish I could get it fixed!!

Tracy... I'm trying to think of something comforting and wise to say to you... but I can't find the right words to say to you. Have you talked to your doctors about the glue proceedure? I know a glad who successfully had it a couple years ago and she seems to be doing great.

I suffered from a major stroke after I had an 8.5 cm aneurysm coiled. The nightmare occurred in 2004 and it took me 5 years to get as good as I’m gonna get (about 90% recovered) Now I have turned into the worlds biggest chicken. The whole experience (relearning to walk, talk, feed myself, etc was a real nightmare. Wanda, congratulations on your successful aneurysm ‘fix’, Tracy, my heart goes out to you. I’ll keep you in my prayers.