3mm aneurysm


I was diagnosed with a 3 mm brain aneurysm last year. I can't help worrying about it getting bigger or rupturing. Has anyone else got one this size and how are you coping


Hi Shar: I, too, have a 3mm unruptured annie they;re watching. It’s easy for docs and even friends/family to say don’t worry, the risk of rupture is very low. It’s not so easy for some of us to live with it however. I was OK until my 6month check up when I was given the option of clipping which I declined. I’m trying to get to the same place as many here and not think much about it until the next check up. Hope you can get to “that” place and forget about it most of the time as well. Good luck! Mitch

Thank you for your reply, it really helps to have some reassurance. I wish you the best of luck for many op free years ahead, xx

Hi Mitch

Thank you so much for your reply. I will continue to keep with this forum as I find it helps just to know that there are others out there in the same boat and to get their opinion/advice. It is a scary time as I just want to be rid of the aneurysm but yes I do hope that I get to that 'place' where I can learn to live with it and hope for the best.

Once again thank you for your reply and I hope all goes well for you

x x x

I had a 5mm clipped and a 2,8mm is currently on the watch and wait phase. Honestly I don’t generally even think about it. Life is too short to worry about what “might” happen. Worry is interest paid on trouble that doesn’t exist yet.

I have one 3mm and 1 6mm not coping

Hi Shar,

I am the recipient of the new FDA approved pipeline stent for a right side 9mm ICA ophthalmic annie. I also have a left side 2mm ICA ophthalmic annie which is now on watch and wait. I can tell you that because I am recently diagnosed and only 3 months post op that I do think about that other annie a lot. What I can also tell you is that it seems that with time, I don't think about it as often -- at least I try. I have gained a lot of strength from the forum to help me deal when the thoughts get overwhelming. The people here are amazing and there are those who have be on that wait and watch list for years are still going strong! It helps knowing that you're not alone in your journey, but that there are others that you can reach out to that understand what you're going through. Coping is an individual journey, one where we need to find our path and take it, holding our hands out for the guidance we need, as we all do here at BAF Support. I don't know how I would have survived if I hadn't found this site.

Best wishes for you in your journey and remember, live each day!!


Hi Shar...and Welcome to BAF...

I had a 9mm annie on basilar tip which I had surgically coiled...they took in to consideration my age, the location of the annie, the chance of survival if it ruptured, etc., with this information the Doctors made the decision to do surgery within one week...Also, I have a 2mm annie behind my left eye...that one they are watching and waiting...sometimes small ones can be more of a problem if surgery is done to them...you should be check every so many months or once a year to see if it is growing...if you are concerned about your Doctors decision, get a second opinion...you must feel good about your Doc's decision...so you can "move forward" and live life...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

Thank you Thomas ‘worry is interest paid on trouble that doesn’t exist’ is one that i will try to remember, wishing you well, x x

Hi Linda

When were you diagnosed, I was told last August and did not cope at all well for the first few months. I had to pick myself up and get back to work just to get some normality back in my life, I use my job as a distraction these days.

I really hope that things get easier for you, will keep you in my thoughts and prayers

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Thank you Linda, I really appreciate people taking the time out to reply to me. Live each day is the only way, lol.

I wish you well in your recovery and send positive thoughts your way

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Thank you so much for the welcome, I'm only sorry I didn't find this forum sooner | | I've had another MRI last week and am just waiting on the results, fingers crossed all will be ok. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Hi Shar, I had a ruputered annie on 05/16/11 then when I went to the dr for my check up after

I got out of the hospital he told me I had 2 more on the left side. So I need to have surgery Asap

I was told when they get over 5 they should get fixed. I just went back to work last week. Your right it is a good distraction. but very tiring. So i guess I will go out on disability again hopefully with a clipping i wont be out so long. I hope everything is well with you Keep in touch


Hi Shar. I replied here earlier but saw your post on Ask the Doctor and thought I would respond here. My aneurysm was lso in the Circle of Willis area. Between the time we first discovered it and surgery I flew to go on vacation. I would ask the doctor. I’m just glad my head has never set anything off at the airport! :wink:

Iv’e been living with a 5mm since 08. I go in Dec. for an MRA. I used to get checked once a year but I’m only waiting 6months this time. If it has grown I will have it fixed. I have never heard of one that size rupturing. I know its hard not to worry but worrying wont change anything. I think about mine almost daily but try not to dwell on it. Hang in there and I will keep you in my prayers.

I was diagnosed with a 3 mm last March and was referred to a neurosurgeon, however, because of emergencies with an elderly relative, I waited until this week. I thought originally (which my PC thought also) that they would just monitor me. The doc told me Tuesday that because it is on the Basilar tip, if it ruptured, the likelihood of my living through it wasn't good and if I did, there would be pretty devastating brain damage. He also said because I am 56 and have many years ahead of me, that to fix it now only makes sense. I have an angiogram on the 21st which will tell him more about it, including if coiling will work or if I need a craniotomy.

I am not looking forward to any of this and have not told my daughter yet. I am also a cancer survivor and she really worries about me anyway.

Hi Sherri your Doctor is so right about your annie because of it being on the basilar tip…glad they are being proactive with you…the angiogram tells them the best information…Gotcha in my Prayers…Colleen

Hi Mitch, I just accepted your friend request but then didn't know how to reply to your message so i think I just lost it, lol

I went for my check up on Wednesday, my annie is 2.7 mm and the Dr said that I will have 6 month check ups and if it goes near 3.5mm they will operate. Good news that it hasn't gotten any bigger so I am trying to concentrate on that and just get on with living :) :) :)

Hi Shar,

I had my 8mm coiled in April and have a 4mm being monitored, I too have recently been thinking of the growth rate, and I am in the process of requesting my first 6 month angio. You say yours were found last year, could you not have a follow up angio soon to help put your mind at rest.

I used to think that as the saying goes ignorance is bliss, but realise now that being monitored is a blessing, I have trawled this and other sites of late to see what the growth rate of a wait n watch annie is, and although I have come across may be one or two out of many, needed a few more coils over time, I have never came across one that ruptured whilst being monitored, and this knowledge alone certainly puts my mind at rest.

Hope this Helps

Best Wishes


Hi Shar, I have a 3 mm brain aneurysm diagnosed in February this year after I was admitted with a burst aneurysm. I have just had an MRI scan and am awaiting my doctors appointment, I was coiled the first time and my surgeon has assured me he will operate and I will be honest I cannot wait. Every ache/pain has me wondering if this is all going to kick off again, I never had any of the symptoms describe by the people on this site so wonder if I would recognise if I had another bleed. My surgeon says it is better to deal with this aneurysm in a non emergency situation and that also I would be very unfortunate to have another burst, I just know I will feel much better if they operate.