Adverse Reaction to Stress? Dizzy, sugar crash

My surgery for unruptured annie was 8 months ago. (bypass).

I have had stress since then, both emotional and physical (working out hard). However yesterday I had an incident where I needed to call the police on a road-rager. I got home, had a snack and proceeded to get very dizzy, so much so I thought it wouldn’t be safe to drive and I had to hold onto walls to walk. I also felt lethargic and horrible as if I was having a sugar crash. For my snack, I only had a few noodles, some chicken meatballs and veggies, and hummus and the same granola bar I eat every day. I don’t believe I should have had a huge insulin spike. I also got very very hot and took my temperature, which was up around 2.5 degrees higher than normal.

Has your body had any crazy reactions like this to stress? I’m trying to figure out if that is what it was. Or maybe I did have an insulin dump for some reason.

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Hey Trekhard,
Stress can affect us all in many differing ways and I know for myself, my body’s reaction to stress prior to neurosurgery was totally different to post surgery. Road rage is one of those things where that change from calm peaceful to 'AHHHhhh ’ instantly and it can take a while for our reaction system to settle. For me, I do not believe that it’s an insulin reaction but more an adrenaline and a noradrenaline overload, so the heart races and the mind goes into a bit of an overload state. I’ve found if I give it a bit of time it does eventually settle, but depending on the trigger and my mindset it can take a while.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team.