Aches and Pains

So I’m now 3 months or so out of surgery for my clipping. I’ve been healing up pretty well but still have some residual fluid in my temple. I’m also getting shooting pains in the area where my craniotomy was done as well as the base of head. Has anyone else had this? Will my head go back to feeling normal?

I also had the shooting pains from my 2clipping. But it dose get better just takes time.And I understand it’s hard because all that you have had to go through. My temple area would swell and if was bending down to much would swell more.So be easy on yourself it will get better. God Bless and Carry you through this journey. :revolving_hearts:


I have arthritis in my ankle too, so I can say during skull healing after my clipping, the bone pain resembled arthritis. It was made worse by certain weather patterns, being overtired from too much activity, and putting weight on it from lying on that side. It also went away in a few months after surgery, when the bones joined fully again. You will heal!

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Take care of yourself first! And if you have a question, while we may have the answer, make sure to keep your doctor involved

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I’m five years out from my surgery. For several weeks the after surgery I felt like there was still fluid in my temple. The pain went away but I often feel like the area where they opened feels awkward to the touch.
You may find other minor deficits e.g. balance, short term memory but overall I feel very blessed. This site is helpful for information. I wish you the best.


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