Absolutely not sure wja tto do, as of 11-1-11, i was AGAIN , in a tbi car wreck........ yes, my best friend and world, Rocco, my dog, was there, and injued.now, after , i finally thought=====wishe


just wrote a whole lot of stuff, and because i mis=did something, none of you will know what i was saying, and due to all of the things going on, i cannot remember, or rwrite what ws in my head 2 minutes ago.

what it comes down to, is on 11-1-2011, i was AGAIN in a car wreck, and , AGAIN===== rocco, my pup, was with me===== we-re both in trouble, life is a very cool game GOD gave us to play, and i'm NOT being rude, when i say====i am losibg, whatever/ whoever any of you/ all of ou believe, say a prayer, actually==== not so much for me,,,, but forrocco, the gift that God gave to me, and he is suffering---- that === i cannot del with====me==== wwe're all people, but, we've all been given a gift, somehow, someway=====pray for rocco,

and i wish all of the best for each and every one of you, and your families, because, i actually DO know how difficult the whole thing can be, without ABSOLUTE faith, and this DOES NOT come easily.......

anyway, all of you , around the world, and wrapped in each other's thoughts, prayers, and soooooooo much more


mary-anne and my best fried]]friend, rocco

E faith, and========

I will pray for both you and Rocco. I know how much our furbabies can mean to us.

Prayers for both you and Rocco. My fur baby Chase means the world to me!!!

will do..prayers going up..our pets r family too