Huge Thanks to Colleen and her cyber~prayes

Hi ya Colleen

Just a few words to say a huge Thank You and tell you what a fabby job you are doing welcoming all the newbies and sending your cyber hugs and prayers to us oldies hahaha. It really takes a sweet and giving person to take the time to show such thoughtfulness. You really make the world a better place, and no doubt put a smile upon many a face. You are a survivor for a reason special lady .

Best Wishes as always


Well said Gaynor!!! Ditto



Thank~you so much for your kindness...!

Paying it Forward...!

You Touched my Heart...! Big Hugs Colleen

Great job Colleen.

Gaynor...this is so thoughtful of you to so compliment is wonderfully warming to all. pray it opens the door wider for al lthe newbies...

Hugs to you,


Colleen...gaynor said it so well...

Thank you with many cyber-hugs,


Yes, I for one appreciate the warm welcome received from Colleen!

Colleen is the greatest! Kind hearted, sense of humor with the warmest welcomings to the BAF support site...Support says it all about Colleen!

Love ya sweetie, thanks for being my friend!


Colleen is AMAZING!! Thank you for the warm welcome and many additonal prayers for her!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup...totally agree with all the comments.

Cyper hugs to you Colleen!!

Ah...Thank~you...but I do it because I really do care about all of us ...

Sue...I agree...Jim was one of the first...and Kimberely and Gaynor...~ it meant so much to me...and I don't want anyone here to feel they are alone...~ oh shoot...there I go a bit emotional today...have had bad, bad headaches the past few days from all this horrible weather...~ xoxoxo to all of you...Colleen

LIKE! :)

Colleen, I agree and Gaynor said it perfectly! I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself.

Gaynor---Yes---I TOTALLY agree----Thank you for posting this for all to see-

Colleen--YOU are a special lady- and a fantastic, compassionate, and wise contributor to this site---I absolutely love reading your postings and thoughts-

Know that I consider you my friend and confidant--

Cyber hugs....and kisses!