9 July 2023 newest folks to welcome!

Morning y’all! Hope everyone in the States had a safe 4th of July. Between all our thunderstorms and the fireworks, one of our dogs has shed enough to fill a pillow…unfortunately folks in the new neighborhood are still setting them off. They just wanted a longer celebration and who doesn’t t like to celebrate? She also left a present on our front steps of a groundhog. A present I didn’t really like, but such is life. What I do like is we get to all celebrate our newest members and there’s no shedding involved!

@Alaskhan is up in Alaska. Heather experienced a ruptured aneurysm Aug 6, 2022 which was coiled on the right side of her brain. Lucky for her, her son is a certified EMT and she credits him with saving her life. The doctor found a second aneurysm on the left side and she had a second surgery 18 days later after her vasospasms stopped which I think was a craniotomy. That’s a lot in a short time! She lives in the bush and enjoys “(almost) everything outdoors”. Can’t wait to hear more of your story Ms. Heather!

@FreddJones is a bit lower in Seattle, Washington. Cory also ruptured and received coiling for an anterior communication artery aneurysm. He had the thunderclap headache on Friday January 20, 2023. He went to hospital the following Sunday and the CT scan showed rupture of a 3 mm aneurysm. Had coils the next morning. During his procedure had another rupture which the doc was able to immediately control with a balloon. After surgery, he developed vasospasms which were controlled with verapamil. He was released 14 February. He wasn’t done with his surgeon, he developed encephalitis and they had to put in a shunt 9 June 2023! That’s a lot as well! He is the father of two great boys and he works as a Data Analyst! Come tell us more Mr. Cory!

That’s our newest members for this week. Please jump in on any topic that’s newer, if you find an older one, you may not get a response and I’ll close it the next day, just in case. You can send a pm to anyone by clicking on their avatar, message will come up and you click on that, pretty easy. You can ask us just about anything but we can mostly share our experiences. Start a new topic by clicking on the area such as General or Support tab and then the “+” sign. Fill in the title and then below that will be an area where you can ask the question or tell your story! If anyone has difficulties with the site, simply send myself (@Moltroub) or the wonderful folks that comprise @ModSupport and one of us will try to help.

A warm welcome to the new members.

And eww, to your dog. I have indoor cats, so I just get an occasional mouse. But a groundhog is a special kind of gift

Sharon from ModSupport

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